Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Sage

Tomorrow is Jilda's birthday and I didn't want to get her a Wal-Mart card so I drove to the nearest bookstore.  This is a little sad, and I'm a little embarrassed to say it but the county I live in does not have a bookstore. Well that's not entirely true, there is a Christian book store, but if you're looking for a non-religious read, you're out of luck here.

But the day was beautiful and after work I rolled down the windows of my truck and headed out after work.  On the way there, I passed a field of sage grass. The sun dipping toward the west backlighted the field and I pulled to the edge of the rural road and snapped a couple pictures.

The bookstore is a national chain that has a coffeeshop inside and I thought it unwise to drive 25 (50 round trip) miles for a birthday card and not enjoy an expensive coffee drink. I browsed while sipping my mocha. I came across a book I'd been reading about. Five People You Want to Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albon. I'd read Tuesdays with Morrie and loved that book so I picked up a copy of this one as a birthday happy for Jilda.

All in all it was a nice day here. Tonight when I went out on the deck to dump the scraps from dinner into the compost bucket, the sky was glass clear with a moon that almost full. I stood there for a long time taking in the sky.

I hope your Tuesday was a good one. 


  1. I should get that booh too, I also liked TWM.

  2. Jilda has a devoted husband whom I admire greatly. You are both giver and gift. Best birthday wishes from California!

  3. Love that photograph!!
    Best wishes to Jilda for her birthday and yes, I had a great Tuesday and now I'm most of the way through a great Wednesday.

    Ms Soup

  4. This was sweet Rick, I'll have to hop over to Jilda's blog and wish her a happy birthday :-)

  5. Book stores are a treat. I love browsing and never go out empty handed. I've read that book and enjoyed it. Happy Birthday to Jilda!

  6. Sage is so pretty. I have not read Mitch Albom's books because of personal prejudices. However his play "Ernie" is fantastic.

  7. This picture is so pretty that you could make a card from that! I love the sky of blue with a hint of light lavender/pink. Going to a bookstore is always a treat:)

  8. I read Five People You Want to Meet in Heaven and I'm sure she's love it.

  9. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Good book choice for the birthday girl!!

  10. A beautiful day! Happy Birthday Jilda!

  11. You are such a nice guy, I like the fact that no matter what you do for that sweet lady, there is NEVER an ulterior motive. ;-)
    Love the 'Broom Straw' Grandma used to call it. I am not sure if the grand lady ever had a 'store boughten' broom.

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