Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Today was a day of words. Two deadlines due today  and neither of these columns seemed interested in writing themselves. The only thing to do was put my big boy boxers on and make the words seems as though they flowed like warm summer honey. Deadlines are a pox on a blissful spirit.

And speaking of writing, I work with an ambitious young woman who is passionate about helping people find the work they love. Late last year I suggested that she could broaden her reach if she wrote a newspaper column. I could immediately tell the idea resonated with her. She asked how she could get started. 

It was simple moving this to the next level. I told her to write a few sample columns, and I'd set up a meeting with the editor of the local paper. She did, and I did. After the meeting, she sent me an email saying she'd gotten the gig.

Her first column came out today in the business section of the local daily paper. I sent her a congratulatory note, and I could tell by her reply that she was very excited to see her name in print.

The one thing I failed to mention in our initial conversations was how quickly deadlines come around. I figured she'd  learn about deadlines soon enough, and let's face it – if she knew the downside to everything she attempted, she might never try anything new.

She'll do well, and I'm really proud of her, even though I suspect she will talk bad about my lineage once she starts fighting deadlines.

Happy Wednesday.

Our niece Samantha's dog came over for a visit and seemed really
concerned about my impending deadlines.


  1. Rick, She may turn out to have "mixed feelings" about your assistance, but I'll bet she will still be glad she took the risk.

  2. Anonymous4:09 PM

    If you have a problem you can't solve, treat it like a dog does--piss on it & walk away!!

  3. I wish you could get a gig for me.

  4. I could never do a column due to lack of ability with the English language. Also I know deadlines, and now ain't the time to try to get involved in facing them. But when I read a newspaper I seem to migrate to the columnists, and letters to the editor.

    I enjoy the columns you list here and have a cousin who writes for a paper in Dalton or Calhoun, Georgia. He sends his columns to me also.
    No doubt the lady is thankful for all the help and encouragement, that was very nice of you.
    Love the concern the puppy has for your deadlines!

  5. I could never be clever enough to write anything with a deadline. Heck I struggle to get a blog post out twice a week. Speaking of that. Im always open for post ideas.
    Love the dog photo. He looks so silly.

  6. Well, she got her start with you and she can learn the only way she can...through experience. Love that dog!

  7. You did two good things here. You helped her get started writing. And you gave the newspaper a new column. Congratulations to all three of you.

  8. What a cute pup! That was really special on helping her out!


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