Friday, March 11, 2016

Just do it

There were a few items lingering at the bottom of my to-do list that has been there so long they started getting their mail there...planting flowers and such. "We'll never have to leave," I think I heard one of them say.

The thing about dreading things is that it takes most of your energy and all of your creativity.

Well, today the one the things I've been procrastinating about doing got done. I'm not sure if that's correct English or not, but I put a solid checkmark and moved it to the good riddance folder.

In the end, if there's something that's important enough to exchange the most precious commodity you have for, then you shouldn't put it off. Just do it. Stop whining, stop dreading, and coming up with creative excuses to put it off. Just do it.


  1. I say this every weekend when I do most of my house cleaning.

  2. Okay, OKAY! I'll wash the motor home tomorrow!. I enjoy a smile, even a guy that talks to a 'to-do' list.
    WE saw a Golden rod in full bloom on our walk today.

  3. How true this is to just stop himming and hawing and just do it. We love to procrastinate and we love to set up roadblocks

  4. I agree with you Rick and by the way, "JUST DO IT" is my motto. I'm a do it kind of a girl and my husband is the proverbial procrastinator. What a pair we make.

    After the beast of a chore is done, it feels so good to see the result of our effort. It's never as bad as we imagine.
    Have a great weekend to relax.

  5. My mother used to tell me that if I spent half as much time doing the dishes as I did trying to find ways not to do them, the dishes would have been done in no time. Of course as mothers always are she was right.

  6. Just Do It? That would make a terrific slogan. I wonder if anyone is using it.

    1. I'm thinking about copyrighting it :)

  7. I agree! Just do it! What's that saying, the more you resist, the more it will persist! Great pic!

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