Friday, March 25, 2016

Road Songs

My taste in music is eclectic to say the least. I like music from every decade that I've been alive and some that predate my arrival.

Through the years, we've spent a chunk of our disposable income on vinyl, 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, CDs and digital music.

A lot of my friends took advantage of the Napster music theft orgy, but as a songwriter, I couldn't bring myself to steal from another songwriter. The arguments – Everybody's doing it...And It's not hurting anyone, didn't ring true. 

So, most the space on my hard drive is taken up with pictures and music. 

Several years ago, I started doing mixtapes. I call them mixtapes even though we haven't used an actual tape in years but you get the idea.

Whenever we were about to go on a roadtrip, I would do a mix of songs that I thought would add to the experience of driving to our destination. 

Mixtapes are hit and miss. It's easy to figure out the songs I want to hear on the road, but selecting songs that we both would enjoy is more of a challenge.

After the journey, we file the roadtrip cds in our case and forget about them. Every now and then we'll pull one out at random. We did that today when we ran to Birmingham to Costco. It's an hour drive both ways, so we dusted off a RoadTrip CD and popped that baby in. As it turns out, it was one of those CDs that I got right. Every song a classic time machine.

Evening pond


  1. Those mixed tapes would be nice, i'm a bit lazy and challenged for it. I make do with cd's and satellite radio. I like almost any music except most rap and most 80's disco.

  2. I'd forgotten about Napster. I won't acknowledge stealing songs in case anyone in authority is reading this.

  3. I always have a CD of some sort in my car. I too love all kinds of music so I am pleased when my son makes a CD of music I am not familiar with. Right now we are listening to Rednex. They do bluegrass, a bit of Irish, and some ballads. I have a CD of Hank Williams (senior and junior) along with some other country singers. It is a good one.

  4. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Sounds like your mix made the trip better for you & your lovely bride!!

  5. Oh - everyone does it. And that makes it alright does it?
    Like you, I have favourite songs from most of the decades of my life - which reminds me I must go search out some info about a band I heard lately and liked.

    Ms Soup

  6. I never could figure out how to get the free songs (stolen songs). But I do remember when I was kid, we would have out tape recorder ready to hit record when our favorite song came on the radio. We would make music tapes that way. That was the good ole days.

  7. I'm smiling. Lately I find myself singing and whistling more. I used to love to whistle, but once the hearing was gone, it ceased. Music was so much a part of our courtship. The 50's and rock and roll and the slow moving love songs. I am looking forward to more of that, maybe even be able to listen to a radio or CD player.

    Music kicks in lots of memories on this end.

  8. I think music is very much a part of all our memories. I cannot imagine my world without it.

  9. I love all kind of genre of music but detest heavy metal, rap, and someone's done me wrong kind of hurting songs. I quickly turn the music off if I hear one of those... and move on to something I like better.

    My favorite genre of music has to be some classical, relaxing new age and ti chi kind of music, classical religious, I also love dancing music and pretty well everything in between. From one extreme to the next. haha.
    But when I'm by myself in the car for a long drive, I do the singing weather I know the right words or not and nobody criticize. lol...

    Have a great weekend. The sun is finally warming us up.

  10. I love a good lyric (that I can understand, ha ha) and a layered harmony. I don't think they made a boy band that I don't like, come to think of it.

    Other than that, my tastes are like the smorgesbord of genres.

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