Sunday, November 13, 2016

A little bit of color

Most of the remaining autumn leaves are dry and the color of parchment. There is no chance for stealth while walking through the woods here.  The crunching carpet is audible for at least a half mile.

But this afternoon when I went out to finish up my steps for the day, I decided to walk the path we cleared this spring.

The trek goes down one side of the hollow which is easy if you don't step on a hickory nut and slide down the hillside on your behind. But what goes down, must go.......  You get the idea. By the time I reached the apex of the other side of the hollow, I was panting like a thirsty dog.

Leaning up against an oak tree older than me, I surveyed my surroundings. To the west, dappled sunlight coming through the woods highlighted a few leaves that decided to show out before winter came. I'm glad I was there to witness the show.


  1. I always get a kick out of 'Life 101'. As you write I am right there. Tonight I walked and heard the leaves crunch. Yes and nature does put on a show that has no equal.

  2. Thanks for permitting me to take this walk with you.

  3. Your walk reminds me of the Creepy Woods and I didn't get there today so thanks for letting me go with you! That pic is so beautiful! I was just commenting on the lack of color on the trees as Jack and I drove to Akron this morning for a special Church conference. Temps in the 20's and a hard frost covering the ground and any pumpkins hanging around but sunshine made it all sparkle! Hope you have a good Monday!

  4. I'm in love with that photo of the fall leaves.

  5. My knees are bad so I am not always comfortable walking for distance anymore. As far as going up it is much easier than going down. Neither is fun these days. Sigh.

  6. There is a large oak right across the street here that is really putting on a show for us. It's the last to turn color while many trees are already bare. I'm glad to have a view of the color to brighten the days.

  7. Beautiful! I bet your walk was a gorgeous sight, even if you were out of breath! LOL!

  8. Anonymous4:32 PM

    I got tired just reading about your walk!!

  9. Wish I had been there with you and Jilda! Such colors.

  10. Nice photo, I do like the sound of leaves crunching under foot


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