Thursday, November 10, 2016

Final word

We have an eclectic collection of friends. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, nationalities, and sexual orientation.  Once past the obvious differences, one finds that they are all people. Like most every other human on the planet, they seek the same things. These things closely align with Abraham Maslow's psychological theory "The Hierarchy of Needs."
 1. Physiological  - The need to breathe, drink water, eat, and other things to sustain life
 2. Safety needs - The need to feel safe in their environment
 3. Love and belonging - This one is self-explanatory
 4. Esteem - A feeling of being respected
 5. Self Actualization - The hope, dream, the need to reach higher
Here's the thing. A little less than half the voters in this country are happy about the outcome of the election. The majority of voters are saddened.
I rarely mention politics here and I don't intend to start except to say that even though my candidate did not win. My prayer is that the new president finds it in his heart to do right by ALL the people who live here.


  1. Your president has so much power that I hope that he will always do right by the world, not just for his own country (climate change leaps to mind). Which is a big ask.

  2. Anonymous12:07 AM


  3. I think it is a good idea to pray for country's leaders.

  4. Prayer is what we all need. There are many rejoicing the outcome and many that are upset. My candidate won. Its the first time I picked a winner so I know how the others feel today. I hope we all can come together soon and get this country where it needs to be. Good post!

    Happy Veterans Day! Thank you.

  5. My prayers for our country....
    Thank you for a well-worded blogpost.
    Like Lisa, the candidate I voted for won the election.
    We are the UNITED States of America. We will continue to strive for the best for all.
    Today, we pause to remember those who served to keep us free.

  6. You voiced my opinion so well.

  7. Well said, Rick. My candidate won. And because Trump is future president, everyone has to support our country and beliefs.

  8. Personally I was disappointed in both candidates. I have said for awhile I hoped Trump won, and if he is as bad as some say he can be impeached. I am sick of business as usual. Both dems and reps have kept spending money we did not have. Bot parties have allowed our borders to be unfiltered. I have said, I am about half happy. Seldom do I pick a winning candidate. I am not sure this is a winner, but he is elected.

    I do think we should work together, this is a GREAT country. The best I know of.


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