Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day

We had a quiet Veteran's Day here. We wrote our columns for the art publication in Birmingham and afterward we did morning chores.

With both of us working part-time, things have a tendency to pile up, but today, we knocked out our lists. 

We stopped watering the garden when it became apparent we'd have to use too much water keeping the sad plants alive we mowed the area until next spring.  

We are watering the blueberry bushes because we have a lot invested in them and the harvest each year is abundant. 

After a nap at noon, we decided to drive to the local Starbucks for a coffee. It's a treat for us, and we were in the mood. As we stood at the counter, contemplating our order, I asked the clerk if there was a discount for veterans today. She smiled broadly and said, "Your coffee is free today. And thank you for your service."  I smiled a thanked her for the peppermint mocha.

My Army experience seems like a lifetime ago – but sometimes it feels like yesterday. I can still feel the weight of the duffel bag on my shoulders. I've never had boots that fit me as good ad my Army boots. I wish I still had them.

Many of the good things that have happened to me were because of my time serving our country.  

After serving my time Uncle Sam footed the bill for my job training and later picked up the tab so that I could complete my first two years of college.

Later, when I applied at MaBell, the hiring manager told me my service was the deciding factor in their decision to hire me. 

It was during Vietnam, but my duty station was in Panama which is half a world away. I would have gone there, but it wasn't in the stars. I'm thankful I can look back on my time and smile. Many of the soldiers who served during that time don't have that luxury.  

I've read stories today of soldiers who gave their lives while serving this country. We owe them a debt that we can never fully pay. 

I salute them.


  1. Thanks so much Rick! All our veterans deserve so much more than free coffee but I'm glad you were appreciated on this special day! You are all heroes in my book!

  2. I badly want to make a flippant remark about the young man in the second photo. However it would be quite disrespectful on Veteran's Day so I will hold my fire.


  3. All veterans and all those who never made it home alive are the ones who make this a country to be proud of. I am grateful for you all.

  4. Ah, but you had great weather in Panama I bet. We did in GITMO, just up the road. LOL What happend to that lean, mean fighting machine? LOL

    I remember my first tour, USMC. The mess all was my education outside a small NC town. I didn't know folks ate that stuff! I had never seen Asparagus broccoli, and them little baby cabbages. That life away from home sure opens your eyes,

    ALL VETS have my respect. Those who volunteered and those who answered the call from the draft. And THANKS for your service. The USA is better for it.
    Now try to be good! ;-)

  5. Thanks for your service to our country!

  6. Thank you Rick for your service to our country!!!

  7. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Thank you to ALL veterans!!

  8. You should be proud of what you did for your country. I thought a lot about my dad who was in WW 2 and was wounded near the end of the war. I wish I had asked him more questions about his war times experiences because he was one who would have talked.

  9. I also want to thank you and all vets for their service.


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