Tuesday, November 01, 2016


It's rare we have trickster here on the big night. In years past when the neighborhood still
had lots of children, we got several. But as time passed, the numbers dwindled as they grew up and moved away to have families of their own. 

But last night just before lights out, we did have two freakish tricksters...well three if you count the bear. They were pretty frightening. 

Needless to say, they hit the candy jackpot because the last thing Jilda and I need is a bucketful of candy sitting on the escritoire (to use a big word for effect when a much simpler word, like dresser, would do.)  

So we dumped a few pounds of candy in each of their buckets and even tossed in a few pieces for the bear, though he looked like a "yes bear" to me and he probably fork over the sweet stuff before they made it back to the car.

Hope your Halloween was a good one.


  1. We're in a townhouse community with tons of kids, but our front door is tucked away and is not that easy to find so we only had 3 visitors...or maybe I just have a cranky reputation.

  2. I didn't see a single soul out and about last night in the hood. It made me wonder if our neighborhood issued an edict that trick-or-treat was on Saturday night. Then I remembered that Willy Dunne Wooters and I went out to supper Saturday evening, and I didn't see anyone out. Your trick-or-treaters are pretty darn cute, especially the bear.


  3. It was rather still and quite here.

  4. Shucks, we have the bucket of candy left. It is sitting out on the table in our 'other house'. (We don't have one of 'em thangs you have!)

    Good post and picture, I know they B happy. Seems you and Jilda make a lot of folks happy. 'tis a good thing .... YOu guys brighten up a lot of days.

  5. We got around forty kids; double what we usually get which was surprising since it was raining.

  6. It was such a lovely evening that I sat outside with my bowl of candy. I had about 25 kids. It was nice to see the different costumes.

  7. Anonymous1:35 PM

    For the first time, we didn't have a single trick or treater!

    Nice try, Rick:
    a small writing desk with drawers and compartments.


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