Saturday, November 12, 2016

The day after

Jilda and I attended a Veteran's Celebration this morning at the local community center. Normally it's
held on Veteran's Day, but yesterday was chocked full of ceremonies and the local vets decided today worked better for our community.

One of my neighbors who is a decorated veteran that served in Vietnam was the guest speaker. He did great though he choked through the words in places.  

The local veteran's board does a good job with these events. 

As I parked before the ceremony, I snapped a picture of the giant flag hoisted on the boom of a city fire truck. This is one massive flag and for those driving nearby, it's hard to miss. 

I hope you all have had a great Saturday.


  1. Choking through the words seems right and proper to me. There is nothing polished about war.

  2. Saturday was a great day celebrating birthdays for two of my granddaughter who are siblings. I love to see our flag flying with a beautiful blue sky as a background. You got a great picture there! Hope you have a wonder filled Sunday !

  3. You can just raise ol Glory in the air and I choke up. I can barely get through the pledge without a tissue. My Saturday was great as We finally got the family together to celebrate a birthday.

  4. This decorated Vietnam vet has seen horrors few have seen. I bet he would choke up. That flag being raised reminded me of the famous picture of Iwo Jima

  5. I don't recall when this weepy olden lady in the looking glass showed up, but I suspect my dad -- the patriot -- would be pleased. God bless America!

  6. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Our veterans deserve our thanks EVERY day!!

  7. Any day the veterans are honored is a special day.

  8. Yes, I had a great Saturday, thanks in large part to all those men and women in uniform who sacrificed so I could have a day to enjoy.

  9. Though I served in the USMC,USAF and the USN, I was never a hero, but I know many. I am proud of every VET and they do deserve the respect of this country. All gave some and some gave all.

    Love that huge Holiday flag. Of course I love any size flag of the USA!
    Thank you for your service, Veteran.

  10. My eyes always get watery when I hear about or read about our veterans. I cannot thank them enough.....


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