Friday, November 25, 2016

Lasting color

Jilda and I both slept hard last night. Exhaustion crept in when the company had left and by the time we'd cleaned up the kitchen I dropped onto the couch like a sack of taters.

Normally, I wake up at 5:30 a.m. whether it's a work day or not. I'm an early riser. What can I say?  But this morning, it was after 6 before the yawning began.

I let Jilda sleep while the coffee brewed but she hears the beeping indication the nectar is ready.

We took yesterday's paper down from the mantle and leisurely read it while sipping  or coffee.

Afterward, the dogs were driving us crazy. They knew the temps had dropped in the night and morning walks are pure joy to them, especially when it's colder.

Down behind the barn, Jilda told me to look to my right. Over near the edge of the woods was a  young hickory and oak beside each other. One had yellow leaves, and one had red.

Just when I thought the drought had robbed us for autumn color, I'm seeing color everywhere.


  1. Nice to still have a bit of color. I got sick today and that hardly ever happens and to me it makes a wasted day when I had so many plans...oh well, rest is probably what I really needed and feeling good now. Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Take what you can get....still hope you get rain soon.

  3. Color is always everywhere if you know where to look, and you are an excellent looker.

  4. I certainly don't doubt you guys were worn out and needed that little extra sleep. The color is good.

  5. Loving your colour. And your sleep in. Which was no doubt needed.

  6. Gorgeous! Enjoy the cooler weather.

  7. My coffe beeper is my wake up call too. I see a lot of red and yellow here too. There is a tree down the road that doesn't seem to have shed a single leaf yet but its the most beautiful yellow tree now.

  8. Little breezy here today and the leaves keeps blowing on my carport. We still have some color, but I don't think it has been quite as dry down here. I'm planning on taking a day of rest today it was a busy thanksgiving but we enjoyed it and everyone.

  9. Those colors are beautiful. We'll see no red leaves in my neighborhood, though some are turning yellow and falling. I usually wake up between four and six, yawn and read a bit, then go back to sleep.


  10. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Six o'clock is sleeping in? Not here!!

  11. The color is beautiful. Ours is gone and everything has turned brown...I'm taking a day of rest here today !


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