Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Plan B

This morning as Jilda drove off to teach her early morning yoga class, I lugged the laptop onto the screen porch to write my column that's due today.

I keep a running list of viable topics in the notepad of my phone, but scanning through them this morning none resonated. 

After spending some quality time cleaning between the grooves of my keyboard and checking ferns for aphids, I decided to go to plan B.

I started wandering back through my blog posts over the last few weeks seeking a seed. When I saw the one about putting a pump in the well, I decided that it mirrored what was on my mind.

Less than an hour later, I'd revamped the words, and transitioned to the editing phase.

The weather is changing so both Jilda and I had a headache today. It's rare for either of us to have a headache, but I can't remember when we've had them in stereo. 

I shot several pictures today on our walk, but none of them resonated either so I got in my way-back Google Photos machine and found one I shot in November of 2009.

Happy Hump Day and I hope the rest of your week is remarkable. 


  1. I'm sure your column will be awesome and that pic is beautiful and is that rain on the leaves? Maybe rain will appear and those nasty headaches will atleast have something to show for them! Have a good Thursday!

  2. Thinking up new topics will cause headaches.

  3. Love that photo - and feel sure the pump story will be well received.

  4. You always come up with cute post. Nice photo. Hopw you and Jildas heads quit hurting and yall get to feeling better. Im fighting my yearly crud now. Its Autumn.

  5. It is always good to have other options and your plan B seems to have worked for you. Our weather has changed. Today we'll have low 50's where as yesterday it was mid 70's. the up and down in temps is an adjustment for sure! Sometimes make my head hurt too!

  6. I do love the color you find. From one who is old enough to remember the wells without pumps, I look forward to the article. 'tis always good to hit on a subject that fits one's mood.

  7. I sympathize with the struggle to write fresh material. Sometimes the creative well just goes dry.

  8. It is a remarkable picture. The raindrops on the colorful leaves... stunning.

  9. Gorgeous photo!!!! Happy you figured out what to write about!

  10. Anonymous11:24 PM

    I LOVE that picture!!


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