Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sorghum syrup

Jilda cooked an Irish breakfast this morning complete with fried eggs, ham, grits and cathead biscuits.

We usually have cereal or a blueberry protein shake. But this morning she surprised me. It was scrumptious. The last time we went to Mississippi we bought several quarts of honey, but on the way out, I saw a jar of sorghum syrup.  An old farmer that we knew many years ago used the PTO (the thing that spins the blades of a bush hog) of an antique tractor to drive a sorghum press. You could almost count the revolutions of the engine as the farmer fed the sweet stalks through. A bucket hanging beneath the press collected the nectar.

Sorghum is made from a broad-leaf plant that looks like miniature corn.  But sweet sorghum is delightful on biscuits. If you've never tried it, it's worth a trip down south. Take my word for it.

This evening was the Iron Bowl in Alabama. My team the University of Alabama played Auburn University. It's always a nailbiter. Tonight it was close for a while, but my team kept chipping away and won the game 30 - 12. We'll have state bragging rights for another year.

I hope you all have had a great weekend so far.
After the damage was done :)


  1. I think you're going to have the whole country bragging rights.

  2. Sounds like my kind of breakfast. I was surprised the last time we traveled to 'Sand Mountain' Just south of Chattanooga to find some good molasses. I noted the name was now Syrup, the lady said, 'Younger folk just don't cotton to the word Molasses no more.'

    YOu an me both won the lottery when we found our loves.

  3. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Being a city gal, I'd never heard of sorghum syrup!!

  4. How great that your team won. Have a great weekend.

  5. I've heard talk of sorghum for ages, and now I'ma thinking it's time I try some in '17.
    Congrats on Bama's well-deserved win today. I'd some unrealistic hopes, but it seems Gus left his offense home.

  6. Im a southern gal and yet never heard of Sorghum syrup. I feel deprived now.

  7. I need to come let Jilda cook for for me.

  8. I have come across Sorghum syrup in books - and that is as close as it has got. And probably as close as it will get. Glad you had a treat.

  9. If you ever "heard" of real sorghum syrup, you probably heard "SAU-gum surp." My dad had to buy a can at least once a year to remember life on the old home place.

  10. Sounds like great breakfast. I have sorghum molasses here and I'm thinking it must be they same as your is good. Now I'm wondering just what cathead biscuits are ??? I've never heard that term before. Hope the rest of your weekend is good too! It's a day of rest for me.

  11. I've heard of sorghum but never knew what it was. Thanks for the explanation. One of the servers at the diner is an Alabama fan. Willy Dunne Wooters is a University of West Virginia fan. We beat Iowa State yesterday. See that "we"? I never thought I'd pay attention to the scores of a college football games. Love works wonders.


  12. Such a yummy breakfast!

  13. Ok what are grits, I have no idea

  14. My Grandfather, VT Cobb, owned Cobb's Sand Mountain Sorghum on Hwy 431, Boaz, Alabama. Many folks said he made the best Sorghum in the world. I agree. War Eagle
    Stephen Cobb


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