Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Rope play

I was under the weather today and laid around on the couch for most of the day. This evening I started coming around and walked outside to put the chickens back in the pen.

They were nowhere to be found, but as I approached the pen, they were already inside waiting for me to close the gate and fire up the electric fence.

After securing the birds, I turned around to find Ol' Hook standing there with his rope. He seems to be saying, "Come on daddy, let's play rope. It will make you feel better.

After a few minutes wrestling the rope from his mouth and tossing it for him to fetch, I found that he was right. It did make me feel better.


  1. Nothing like interacting with your dog buddy. Looking up at you with those eyes--can't ignore that.

  2. I think Ol' Hook knows stuff.

  3. Sometimes the simplest things can make you feel better.

  4. Yep he wanted you to play with him. Smart dog.

  5. Isn't it nice to have a dog that has your very best interests at heart? And he was so selfless about it too.

  6. Dogs can sense these things. Hes a smart dog. Its not that he wanted you to play with him, he wanted to play with you to make you feel better. Sweet.

  7. There is something about a rope!!! Janie loves one to tug on.

  8. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Dr. Hook knows best!!

  9. I smiled to know the chickens went into the coop....
    They know where safety is at night.
    And your fur baby: precious!


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