Sunday, November 06, 2016

Strolling after sunset

Jilda and I walked after sunset today. We had early morning errands and the day heated up quickly. We didn't get our steps in yesterday because we spent several hours in the car so we vowed to get them today.

This evening as we sat on the front garden bench watching life drift by, I glanced at my tracker and
saw that I needed a few thousand steps to hit my daily goal. Jilda was shy a few steps too so we decided to circle the barn a few times and that would do the trick.

We'd planned to walk alone, but the dogs detect any movement toward the back gate and were down there prancing and yapping.

We didn't have the heart to make them stay so we all walked a few laps. At one point I snapped a picture with the little dog Taz. I'd planned to use it tonight, but when I got home to upload it, I realized she was looked down at the pooch and appeared that her eyes were closed. Dang.

So I flipped back through some old pictures and saw one of Ol Buddy. He was my constant companion for several years before dying of cancer a few years ago. I sure miss this little mutt.


  1. We went to the work-out facility at our new area, biked and walked on the machines. Do not know how far we went. Walking around your property would be far more interesting.

  2. Ol Buddy had a sweet face.

  3. How could you not have the dogs walk with you?

  4. Old Buddy had a beautiful face. And lovely melting eyes.

  5. Yep, we miss 'em all. But like friends and relatives some are special. I enjoyed the smooth read my friend. Good on you!

  6. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Sometimes we miss our pets as much as our family!!

  7. Old Buddy. Wasn't he just the bestest little dog?


  8. Buddy looks so concerned. haha. I bet you do miss him. sweet post.

  9. Look at that sweet face! We do miss our little guys when they go to the rainbow bridge. Saying goodbye to our dear Eddy last month was so hard on our Jordan and we miss him too!

  10. So precious! I understand you missing him!


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