Saturday, February 18, 2017

A good morning

The place where Jilda works is beautiful. The facility blends into a woodsy setting and the lodges are constructed so that they fit in.

A few weeks ago we were heading up north on business and to make our appointment on time, we needed to head out after her early class on Wednesday morning.

Rather than sit in the parking lot and wait, I decided to go somewhere and have coffee.  On the way out the drive, I noticed the sunrise to the east. Pulling over to the side, I stepped out and took the morning scape.  The light on a pond just before the sun peeped over the horizon was incredible. You could see mist hovering over the surface and up in the sky, was the quarter moon.

I settled in at a McDonalds, sipped coffee, and wrote my column.  That sunrise in concert with a new writing venue, allowed the words to flow and in less that an hour I clicked the laptop closed and headed back to fetch Jilda. All in all, it was a good morning.


  1. Some days things just work out so well.

  2. YOu just gotta love a good morning, and especially a beautiful picture concert.

  3. There's a nice, easy rhythm to your lives. It seems that you make an effort to live in harmony with nature. Wonderful.

  4. Dawn is my favorite part of the day.

  5. I hear the world is beautiful at dawn...I'll have to see for myself one day.

  6. The sunrise alone was worth your time. Being able to write your column so quickly was a bonus.

  7. That was a magical day. If you get up early enough to get a glimpse of these spectacular sunrises, it powers up your day so anything is possible.
    Congratulations on getting your column done early.

  8. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Most of the sunrises I've seen were just before I went to bed!!

  9. Sounds like a good morning and isn't awesome to see a sunrise

  10. It sounds like a great place to be inspired xox


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