Friday, February 17, 2017

Be here now

Today, I was on a mission.  The bathroom leak was fixed, the floor was dry, I had the full day with no appointments on my calendar. My bathroom would be back to normal very soon.

Before I began slinging tile glue, I decided to place the tile on the floor to ensure I'd calculated right. It took only a few minutes to confirm, I was a few tiles short a bathroom floor.

As I stood there cussin' under my breath, the old saying flitted across my mind: "There are three kinds of people in this world. Those that can count, and those who can't." It only took a moment to figure out which category I fell into.

I kissed the missus and a moment later I was headed to the hardware store to buy more tile.

Collecting more than enough tiles to complete the job, I headed home. My mind was calculating angles, and trimming tile when I came to a stop sign not far from my house.

Standing there was a beautiful bare tree. The road sign and power wires were distracting, but that tree stood tall against a winter sky. Pulling the phone from my pocket, I snapped a picture through the windshield.

It was a little reminder that it's always better to "be here now."


  1. I've only done one small tile job and it turned out pretty well which was a miracle. I would not even try a whole floor.

  2. Anonymous1:02 AM

    I think some things should be left to professionals!!

  3. I agree! Always best to live in the present moment. That tree in your picture is beautiful!

  4. What fishducky said

  5. I admire you for tackling such a job. I'm too critical of my own work to attempt anything similar.

  6. Wonderful image! The word 'resolute' comes to mind.

  7. You got her done... that's what count. We all learn best by making mistakes. A snapshot of your tile floor would have resonated well with me.
    Have a great weekend. My little great granddaughter was born this morning. I'm happy.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Good thing you could get more tile. It all worked out.


  9. That tree has a beautiful character.

  10. I always say that there's no such thing as a small project. Way to tackle this one! I'm sure it looks fab. Love the tree. I bet it's beautiful in Fall too!

  11. Feels good when one can look at a job that has been completed and know they did a good job


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