Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Five years later

Last night after I posted, a reminder popped up on my phone reminding me that my mom died on February 20, 2012. Last night was the fifth anniversary of her death.

I'd felt a little off kilter for most of the day without knowing why.  The reminder was enlightening.

My mom had been going down for some time. Telling myself that "one day she would not be here," seemed at the time, as if I were preparing myself for the end... but it wasn't. It was the beginning.

You are never ready for losing a parent. My mom suffered toward the end of her life and when she took her last breath, most of the family and people who adored her were there. 

At first, I felt something that I thought was relief, and maybe it was.   But after the funeral flowers dried there were waves of sadness that even after five years have not ebbed. 

This much I know: if your folks are still alive, don't miss an opportunity to tell them how much them what they mean to you.


  1. Good advise. I going to tell my kids that.

  2. Great advice. I'm glad I was able to tell my mother I loved her before she passed on Christmas Eve.

  3. My dad died almost 29 years ago...wow...writing it seems surreal to me. I miss him very much and 5 years is like a spit in the bucket. The hurt is still very new and I still had many dreams about my dad back then. My mom is alive but she has dementia so I have grieved for her because it is not the mom I know. She knows me and can talk which is better than many others but it is sad. I know have dreams that she is who she once was. I would say to light a candle, look at some pictures and remember how loved she was. Too many older people do not have loved ones near them and she did. That is a testament to all of you

  4. Once I believed I was prepared to say 'good-bye.'
    ... but 13 years later, each January 13 hurts like the devil.

    This photo you've shared speaks volumes.

  5. I think more people need to heed this advise Rick... people are important, not things xox

  6. Hugs Rick and thank you. My parents are both gone now and I miss them, the parents of my youth and the parents of my adulthood and my parents when I became their parent.

  7. Anonymous12:20 AM

    We all think our parents will live forever but sadly that's not true.

  8. I miss my parents every day. Thank goodness for all the good memories.

  9. Loss of our loved ones is never easy. Good Advice - tell those you care about just how much they mean to you while you can.

  10. SPOT ON MY FRIEND. And especially a mother, they are the most special!

  11. Good word!!
    I miss my folks everyday...
    Blessings, Roxy

  12. The heart still remembers. I think of my folks and family members every day.

  13. Both my parents are still alive and I try to tell them often how much I love and need them


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