Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday happenings

It felt like early May here today. The sky was a shade of blue unseen here in summer. When the humidity begins to rise, it lifts a blanket of haze which can mute the blue making the sky look like a faded watercolor.

We ran errands early. At the big-box store, we picked up some flowers for the graves of my parents and brothers.

As Jilda fixed the flowers, I stood looking at the sky. Old cemeteries can be beautiful when the seasons begin to change. We stood for a while before loading up and heading home.

This afternoon, I had a guy come and give me an estimate to clear underbrush on our property. As I sat in the yard waiting for him to find our house with his GPS, I sat on the stone bench.  It didn't take long to realize I needed a hat or my head would blister.

When he arrived, we walked the property and I pointed out the work I needed to be done. We agreed on a price, and as we walked back to toward the back gate, he saw the blueberries blooming. At first, he thought they were azaleas.   When I told him they were blueberries, he stepped over to have a closer look.

He has fruit trees and grapes as well. He was interested in the yield. I could tell he was a fit for what we work we needed.

In a few weeks, he'll show up with his crew and equipment. When then leave, I should be able to keep the place kempt with the tractor and bush hog. I'm excited.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Ah yes, it is nice to have woods you can walk thru, cut across and play hide and seek. Okay skip the hide and seek thang.
    Graves look nice. Sherry is the decorator in our family, every time we go home.
    Have a great weekend

  2. Anonymous9:53 PM

    It's nice to see graves that are kept up that well!!

  3. It was like May here yesterday, but even it May its a rare thing to have a 75 degree day here. We set records for sure. Hope those blueberries do ok with blooming so early. Today we have dropped about 30 degrees.

  4. The cemetery is lovely and well-kept. Were the fruit trees of the man blooming too?

  5. When the crew shows up, keep your eye on the blue berries.

  6. Be sure to pick those blueberries before he comes.

  7. What a beautiful photo. You know I love walking in Ashland's cemetery. I just imagine a story on every headstone. It will take a backhoe, tiller, trench digger, chainsaws and many other implements to get the Pines in shape after having 30 trees removed. Such a mess! I'm jealous as always over your blueberries but not as much as Jack!

  8. That looks like a soothing sort of place. The yellow (my favorite) flowers make a nice 'pop.' My DIL used to enjoy visiting olden cemeteries; I wonder if she makes the time anymore.

  9. I would love to take a walk through an old cemetary. Id love to see a photo of the blueberry bush!


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