Saturday, February 25, 2017

Slow day in Empire

Walking this morning, I could see the oak and hickory had hints of green on the tips. Yesterday as we drove to the grocery store, we say that the Bradford Pear and tulip trees were in full bloom.  

A cold front pushed a thin line of thunderstorms through after midnight, but it only lasted a few minutes.  This morning it was much cooler. But the day was still beautiful. 

The end of our walking lap takes us a short distance up the road in front of our house. On the first lap, I noticed a tiny ringneck snake lying dead in the road. Someone ran over it. A lot of people think the only good snake is a dead snake, but these little guys are harmless. I've played with them all my life.

I used my walking stick to rake it to the side and buried it with the toe of my walking shoe.

Down behind the barn, I paused long enough to snap a picture of some red berries on a Nandina bush.

It's been a beautiful weekend so far. I hope it's been kind to you.


  1. Berry good photo!


  2. It's been kinder to me than it's been to that snake.

  3. We are still burrowed in the house because of the 12 inches of snow we got the other day. But the melting should start with slightly warmer weather tomorrow.

  4. The Nandina bush, never had one until the last house in North CArolina. My wife was thrilled, it was her mama's favorite.
    Some times slow times are the best!

  5. It speaks a lot when. Person shows kindness to a dead snake. Most people wouldn't do this. Love the berry picture...quitebthe red showing

  6. You are very kind indeed to have buried the poor little snake. I had never heard about the Nandina bush, perhaps because it's not hardy like the bushes we grow here. I love the berries and I'm wondering if they are ornamental and not edible.

  7. Anonymous12:36 PM

    What is a tulip tree?


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