Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Guys on the beach

Whenever I feel down, I look back through my old pictures. It always seems to lift my spirit. Someone actually told me once that I live in the past. To that, I said, "I caught a trout on a crawfish once." They looked at me open-mouthed as if they expect horns to spontaneously sprout from my temples. Darting glances behind me enhanced the effect. 

I wasn't feeling down tonight, but we haven't had any sunshine in several days, so I think I was having withdrawals. Anyhow, when I flipped back through my Google Photos I found this picture taken years at Blue Mountain Beach Florida. The two in the picture with me are Steve (left) and Ron Norris. Ron and his wife Kaye owned a house there. Having a free place to stay made long weekends there a no-brainer.

Ron had a defective heart valve that he didn't learn about until a few years before this picture was taken. He died in the fall of 2000. Even though his story turns out sad, looking at this picture and remembering all the great fun we had together always makes me smile. 



  1. I get teased about always having my camera around but when you capture a moment in time like this photo you can see how important it is. You never know when life will change and I'm sure you're glad to have this memory on film.

  2. Oh wow! What a great picture and Ron looks like he is so happy wanting to get both of you in the picture much to your other friend's chagrin:) we don't know what every day will bring so we do have to cherish it even when it's gloomy out.

  3. Anonymous12:17 AM

    You know how to enjoy life!!

  4. What a sweet and fun photo. I bet you guys were somethin.

  5. A nice photo of three Amigos. It's good to remember our old friends that made memories with us. I hope the memories brought you some sunshine in your mind. Sorry about the loss of your good friend Ron. I bet there are some good stories that comes back to mind when you look at these photos.

  6. Even a mental trip to beach makes me feel better. I love your beach picture reminding you of Happy Days!

  7. Nothing like old friends, even in memories.

  8. I've noticed that as I get older I subconsciously realize that I have more past than future. Perhaps that is why my mind turns more to the memories than the hopes. The hopes are still there but I know there is not enough time to accomplish them all.

  9. How great that you have this picture to remind you of the good times.

  10. This makes me want to tear into some olden photo albums!

  11. I just somehow stumbled upon this post and since I know all three of these trouble makers, I decided to stir up some crap. This picture was NOT taken at Blue Mountain Beach. It was taken closer to Panama City Beach at Dave and Janet's wedding.


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