Thursday, February 09, 2017

Kodak moment at Hollow Hills

Yesterday was cloudy and strangely warm. Waves of showers moved through for most of the day but the rain moved off to the east around sunset. When I walked out to close up the chicken coop, it was much too warm for February.

After supper, I came in the home office to write my blog and Jilda checked the weather. When she came in to write, she said that another line of thunderstorms would move in just ahead of a cold front. I was unconvinced.

The AC was on when we went to bed and we left it on so we could sleep. By this morning, the front had moved through and it was cold outside.

Today the sky was filled with fluffy clouds. As I neared the house I looked off to the west and pulled to the side of the road to snap a picture. It was a Kodak moment at Hollow Hills which is what people call this small community.


  1. I just read your previous post and I probably have the hardest time throwing away photographs. I have so many that need to be put in an album or atleast a folder organized into years or something. I'll get to it but I know I'll have a hard time tossing even the blurry shots! Your photo is a beauty and I love the name "Hollow Hills"...sounds like a blog name to me!

  2. Is that what they call sunrise?

  3. Is that frost on the ground?


  4. Beautiful sunrise but the saying goes like this." Red sky at night, sailor's delight , red sky in the morning, sailor's warning".

    We had a big snow storm last night and lots of drifting. I had to wade in the snow almost up to the top of my boots in places to get to the barn this morning.

  5. The furnace is running here as it was 15 degrees when I got up. Your Kodak moment is beautiful. What a wonderful way to start off the day !

  6. Oh yes, we have had a roller coaster, we have even felt in in central Florida. Yes! a beautiful catch, that shot!


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