Tuesday, February 28, 2017

And that's the way it was

I had meetings today near the edge of Alabama. On the way there, it rained hard. Easing over to the right lane of the Interstate, I punched the emergency flashers button and slowed far below the speed limit. Even with rain falling in sheets, cars passed going so fast that it rocked my truck. I wished them luck as I puttered on in the "slow lane."

As my wipers slung gallons of water from the windshield, I noticed a little strip of rubber chasing the wiper as if it couldn't keep up. It got longer and longer. Experience taught me that the rubber was about to self-destruct leaving a wiper that was metal to glass. This would scratch the windshield and that would be expensive to repair. I slowed even more.

As I moved to the west, the rain slacked and I slowed the intermittent wipers to preserve rubber. I made it to my meeting without incident, but I put a reminder on my phone to stop at the auto parts store on the way home and get new blades.

Jilda sent me a text as she headed to work saying our power was off. Calling the power company to report the issue, they said they were aware and working on the problem. When I got home at dusk the power was still off.

I went outside to close the chicken pen gate for the night and on the way back inside, I looked to the west and saw some incredible color in the distance. Pulling the phone from my pocket, I snapped a picture not knowing if would be usable.

As I walked inside, the lights came on. Emailing the picture to myself, I looked at it on my desktop computer and it didn't look too bad.

And that's the way it was in Empire, on February 28, 2017.


  1. You certainly get some spectacular sunsets in your neck of the woods.


  2. Anonymous7:46 PM


  3. Beautiful sky.
    Lovely end to a challenging day. Nature is a solace (even when she is being tricky).

  4. Nice snapshot.

    I once slowed to about 40 on the NJ Tpike as it was raining so hard I was afraid I could not stop if I needed without hydroplaning. The guy behind me doing 60 didn't agree and as he got closer to me he stepped on the brake and hydroplaned right into my rear. My Jeep had minimum damage which his insurance covered his hood was history, though he could still operate the car.

  5. I hate it when it rains so hard and I am in the car because I can't see a thing and usually pull over. I'm glad you didn't lose power for long. That picture is jus amazing with the colour! Gives me an idea to make a card

  6. Love your photo of night settling in sunset, brilliant colour.

  7. I love those firey sunsets! Beautiful. You just reminded me, I need new wipers. I change mine out every Spring and Fall. Well, my husband does, if it were left to me, rubber would be chasing mine too.

  8. What an absolutely brilliant sky. Thankfully you made it safely and the wiper didn't break off and you have power once again. Sunsets always remind me to be thankful for another day.

  9. Aren't you glad February is gone?.. It's been miserable for you all the way. I hope March is kinder. I'm glad you made it to your destination safely.
    Beautiful sunset.
    Hugs, Julia

  10. I always hate changing the wiper blades. Unfortunately it must be dome periodically.

  11. Love the rich, moody colors of your photograph.

  12. Amen to Stephen above. Also it is nice to be able to limp to a repair instead of being forced to see damage....

  13. Tom and I were just discussing those blinding rainstorms (we'd get in Florida) this morning. I'm not embarrassed for having to pull over on I-75 more than once.


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