Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Humpday fun

One of the things missing when Jilda and I perform is getting decent pictures. While reading one of the songwriter's discussion groups, one of the participants suggested getting a selfie stick so that you could at least shoot a posed picture at each of the venues you play.

After thinking about this for a while, I ordered one from Amazon. It came today and after a few minutes assembly, I snapped a picture of my great nephew Jordan and me. I think it will work fine.

Today was a short day at school and rather than Jordan hanging around his Nana's office all afternoon, we swung by and boosted him from school.  He was thrilled and we had a great time. The temperature was almost 80 degrees F today and we spent most of the time outside.

We played toss the tree limb with Ol' Hook. The bulldog has chewed up the toys we've bought him, but I had a short stick of firewood about as round as the calf of my leg that we use as a fetch toy.  It's too heavy to toss far, but carrying it around seems effortless for Hook.

I hope your Wednesday has been a good one for you too.


  1. Jordan is a lucky kid.

    Actually I'm thinking that works both ways.

  2. Joeh probably hit it. But no matter, you guys seem to have fun in life and that counts!

  3. I can tell from your posts that you and Jordan have a special bond.

  4. I love seeing pictures of children. They are so uninhibited and unashamed about loving life.

  5. That kid is full of exuberance and you two make a good team. Not bad for a selfie.Taking a selfie with my heavy Canon Camera isn't easy.
    Enjoy your new day.

  6. What a great way to spend the day! You and your nephew make for a wonderful selfie!

  7. This is a great shot Rick! Jordan looks like a ball of fun! Now I want a selfie stick.

  8. He loves to be with Granddad! What a beautiful picture and it is warm..wild weather. Here it 15C today, tomorrow down to 2 and then, Saturday back up to 12 only to go back down to -1 Sunday...ughhh

  9. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Great selfie; only next time, leave out the hands!!

  10. Selfie stick worked very well! My son has one, uses it for many things.

  11. Our hands show our age sometimes more then our faces, just a thought that popped into my head, Jordan looks like he is happy


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