Sunday, February 05, 2017

Blast from the past

It looked snowy today, but with the mercury in the low 50s (F) it was much too warm. We drove to Birmingham to make a COSTCO run before visiting with our friend Louis. He was ill a while back and his doctor decided he needed some rehab. It seems he gets a little frailer each time we see him. 

He was one of Jilda's chair buddies during the three years she took the IVIG treatments.  He is a kind soul and we are better off having met him.

When I looked for a picture to post, I always step back a year. First I looked at 2016, then 2015, and so on.

I found a picture I shot in February of 2010. We had snow and I snapped a picture of the Cyprus tree in our backyard with a beautiful sky in the background.

My blog buddy BlogBuddy Bob Miller over at Grandpappy's Thoughts who is an artist saw the picture and painted a watercolor for me. It's a beautiful piece of art. 

Below is the picture I posted.

Oh yea, Go Falcons.


  1. I can see why an artist would choose this beautiful pic to put on canvas. Mother Nature sure knows how to take something wonderful and make it even better. I read your previous post and it reminded me of Jack and his Dad. Whenever we had some kind of plumbing issues they would come over from the office (Jack's dad was a Chiropractor too) and throw on coveralls over their dress shirts and ties and get to work. We called them the "executive plumbers". Hope you get to do some fishing soon!

  2. Beautiful choice for a painting. And I think the Flacons got this one.

  3. Sorry to hear about your friend. It's always. Bit sad when we see someone we care about look frail. This picture looks so pretty. Hope your weekend was a nice one

  4. You and your friend are fortunate to still be able to see one another. I'm sure it is a comfort to him while he is not well.

  5. I'm sorry about your special friend. I'm glad you and Jilda could see him once again. I bet he appreciated your visit in a special way.
    Nice photograph.

  6. What a beautiful blast you had. We are to get close to 50 today and most of our snow is melted now

  7. Anonymous8:48 AM

    I'd love to see his watercolor!!

  8. Yes, please post a picture of the art created from this photograph.

  9. What they said up there.

  10. Love the photo very nice indeed

  11. That picture looks very picturesque... I can see why someone would want to paint it xox


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