Friday, July 14, 2017

Another face

We walked early this morning. Heat builds quickly up as the sun gets higher. If a walk is in the cards, it's best to do it early. 

The dogs were exhilarated.  They always are. Barking, nipping, and running in circles with a kind of joy I knew as a kid. A morning walk to them is like free tickets to the county fair was for me when I was 12. 

Once we started, Jilda told me that a dead tree had broken apart and fallen onto the barn road. I hadn't walked yesterday, but she discovered it on her morning walk.

We rounded the barn and headed up our barn road toward our mailbox which is on the main road. In summer, the barn road is like a tunnel through low-hanging oak and hickory trees. Midway on the road, I came across pieces of a dead tree lying like pick-up sticks. 

After tossing all the large pieces to the edge, I found one piece of rotted wood with a knot hole. Some kind of lichen grew around the edges. I know I do this constantly, but I found a face in this rotted limb. Tell me you do see the face of a dog here.



  1. Actually Rick, I see the face of a calf with it's big beautiful eye and a big nuzzle. Of course you would see the face of a dog as you have dogs with you. There's definitely a face there.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. My first impression was a Horse (short nose of course) but a horse. Hope you are staying cool!

  3. What I see is a rabid dog.

  4. It looks like a deer to me. Jilda said in her blog that she came across a branch that looks like a snake.

    1. Anonymous1:06 PM

      Looks like a deer to me, too!!

  5. Definitely an animal. Love that eye.

  6. At first glance I saw a horse, that was the first thing I thought, it's a fun thing to pick out faces like this.

  7. I thought horse at first but after studying it, I do see a dog! My husband said squirrel .

  8. I'd go with a calf too with that big brown eye. Cows tend to have the loveliest eyes. I think I would get more exercise if I got out early like that because I cannot bear the heat of the day. Sad but true I rarely get dressed till noon. Good for you all!

  9. I'm going with a deer. I think.
    Wonder if our animals don't play the same game with their humans? LOL.

  10. I see the head of a deer.

  11. I think it could be either a deer head or a calf head.

  12. pareidolia I knew there was a word for it but I had to go look it up. I think it is evolutionary. False positives of seeing lions, tigers, or bears are rarely fatal. False negatives can mean you are lunch.

  13. Oh so creepy. I see a deer, too.


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