Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy Bottle Tree Tuesday

Today is Bottle Tree Tuesday. It's a new holiday I'm starting. I haven't gotten any traction yet, but some trends take time to take root.

When I was a kid, my dad made flower planters from tires. He'd cut spiky petals one one side of an old tired tire, and turn it inside out. The effect was that of a squatty tulip. Fill that baby with dirt, plant blooming moss, and you had what came to be known as hillbilly yard art. Call me backwoods, but I always thought it was an ingenious way to recycle something that would have been tossed into a garbage dump.

Jilda's grandmother had a bottle tree. That was back when milk of magnesia came in fat glass bottles that were a shade of blue that was beautiful when backlighted by the evening sun. We searched for a bottle tree for years, and then we found one at a local festival. Jilda fell in love with it, and I bought it for her.

We "planted" it in the flowerbed in the back yard next to the blazing star bush. I've shot pictures of it in the past, but I don't think I've ever used this one.

How about it – have you ever made up your own holiday? If not, I recommend that you do. It's liberating.

Happy Bottle Tree Tuesday.


  1. That could come right after the day I'm promoting, "Couch Potato Day."

  2. There was "happy pull out in front of Lisa" Day just last week. When my daughter was young, we celebrated "Happy Tantrum Day".
    I still want to do a bottle tree.

  3. Mama's wasn't a bottle tree but a jar tree. I didn't see a bottle tree until we were in Wisconsin. Loved it. Good shot of Jilda's!

  4. Traditions have to start somewhere...

  5. Bottle trees haven't caught on here yet but making your own holiday seem to have caught on. There's a Holiday for about just anything now a day.

    Happy Bottle Tree Day.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. I love your holiday and will look forward to what Tuesday's bring in the future.

  7. Happy Bottle Tree Tuesday to you.

  8. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I'm not familiar with bottle trees, but I know about bottle brush trees!! (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Callistemon)

  9. I agree, good for you! I will have to think of something!! I remember in the movie Winn-Dixie and there was tree that had all the empty bottles hanging from it.
    Happy Summer...

  10. That's an excellent idea, really like the bottle tree.

  11. I think it's terrific when things can be re-purposed instead of just thrown away.

  12. I'd love to hang bottles from the tree in my front yard, but I'm afraid someone would break them. That's one of the perils of living in the world. Every day is Franklin & Penelope Day.


  13. Love any excuse for a holiday! Many folks around my neck of the woods make bottle trees out of wine bottles. Since I don't drink I'd have to make one out of diet pepsi bottles..plastic ones..and I doubt anyone would want one! Happy Holidays to you!

  14. That photo really made me smile


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