Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Zen ferns

Do you believe in Zen ferns?  I KNOW. It's a stretch but stay with me. Yesterday as Jilda and I were heading to yoga class, the setting sun lite up our fern and fountain. We were running late for the free class she teaches at the local community center. 

I took a second to take it all in. There are not many things more beautiful than scenes painted by evening light. 


  1. Taking time to appreciate beauty is always worthwhile.

  2. You've a good eye for finding the beauty in every day. Ferns are wonderful. I thought to get some this year but by the time I got out shopping for them, there was little to choose from and the ones I saw looked worse for wear, so didn't get any. But now I have yours to enjoy.

  3. You are sooo right about the sun painting some beautiful pictures. I am partial to the oranges and reds when the sun lights them up.
    I am unfamiliar with the term 'Zen Fern'. But then this rock I live under hides a lot from lime. LOL

  4. Okay imma look it up and educate me self! LOL

  5. Beautiful light, and it's light that defines everything in our universe.

  6. Lovely, lovely.


  7. All I have to say is NICE

  8. Zen it is and beautiful... I need more Zen in my busy life.

    Sorry for my absence, I couldn't access my emails, contacts, I couldn't post on my blog even though i could access it as my reading list was gone. I could only leave comments on a few blogs who had left comments on my blog by clicking on their icon to access their blog and then leaving a comment but it was a tedious job and I didn't had the time to spare with 7 new baby calves to care for and a house full of visitors.

    My daughter Christine restored everything to what it was before so I'm back in business and will post when time allows.
    Hugs, Julia


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