Sunday, July 02, 2017

Rain clouds

Yesterday was warm. When the writer's conference let out for lunch, I went to the truck and headed to one of my favorite places to eat in Hoover. It's a Mexican restaurant that serves great food fast. The cab of the black truck was so hot when I opened the door, I could have baked a quiche in the glovebox.

The meeting rooms were at the Hoover Library. At the afternoon break, I stepped outside and sat on a bench to watch a steady flow of moms and dads bringing their kids to the library.

After saying my goodbyes, I headed outside and the sun was still shining though it had dropped behind the trees on the west end of the parking lot.

Once on the interstate, I could see clouds to the north and west. It looked as if Birmingham was getting pounded. When I crested the hill in Homewood heading into Birmingham, I could see rain so thick that it looked like a gauze curtain. A little further and traffic slowed to a crawl.

Just past interchange, it looked as if the spigot had been turned off. The surface of the road was dry as snuff.

On the last leg of Interstate before turning onto state and county roads for the final leg home, I glanced back toward the east. I saw the cloud that was drenching downtown. A quick look ahead and behind showed no traffic so I slowed enough to snap a few pictures. The one below was the best of the lot.


  1. That is an incredible cloud formation. I am v grateful that traffic allowed you to capture the majesty.

  2. Funny that, when I looked at that picture it looked like some character from a movie, maybe Star Trek. I could see his eyes as plain as day and he had long ears. His left eye is closed. I love that cloud formation. Great shot.

    1. Anonymous12:41 AM

      I see him!!

    2. Wow! I missed that Jack and I looked for a face before I posted it.

  3. Yep, I see that face too.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. It is amazing when we travel to see it wet on one side of the hill and dry on another. It's like one big cloud decided to let loose while the others hold it in... I love watching the clouds and you managed once again, to get a great picture.

  5. Great pic! I didn't notice the face but after really looking close I could see man's quick observation is another one's surprise! Have a fun July 4th!

  6. That's one ominous-looking sky.

  7. Dear Rick, I, too, see the face--it's petulant almost. What a great photo! Peace be to you.

  8. I didn't think I'd ever heard of Hoover ... then looking at Google maps 'realized we must have driven right through it on our way to the airport! That sky shot look ominous, indeed.

    That's pretty neat about parents still taking the time to bring their children to the library.

  9. That is one angry looking cloud. Glad you made it home safely.


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