Friday, July 21, 2017

Monarch Morning

I know that it is theoretically possible for there to be a more beautiful creature than a butterfly, but I can't name one at the moment.

This morning after our early walk, I stopped at the garden (if you still call it that.) The rain and heat have made it almost impossible to keep it maintained. The heatwave over the last few days has dried out the soil and the tomatoes seem to be making a comeback, but weeds have taken over. It will take a great deal of early-morning work to get it back in shape. But I digress...

Before going through the backyard gate, I stopped for a moment to look at the Old Maid flowers. They are the old heirlooms that know how to survive wacky summers in Alabama. When it's hot and dry they thrive. When it's cooler and wet they thrive. They keep our house colorful till autumn.

Just as I turned to head inside for water, I noticed a monarch butterfly flitting between blossoms. I took this photo with my phone.

Even after sliding the camera back into my pocket I watched the butterfly dancing on the flower. The movement of their wings is almost hypnotic. It's almost a pulsing motion.

Turning to walk back inside, I thought to myself, there's not much better than a Monarch Morning.


  1. Such a pretty and relaxing photo! I love to watch the butterflies land on my cone flowers. I'm a bit behind in posting and reading blogs and had to read your previous posts. Hope you figure out what that plant is and we've had tons of wasps this year too. Jack and I both have been stung and we always have a can of wasp spray on the deck. Hate them buggers!

  2. Phones are so very handy for catching the scene you want. No noise, quick to get ready and then you (YOU) take the moment and share with us. Thanks Rick.


  3. They truly are a beautiful sight and it was a great start to your day !

  4. The only thing better than a monarch morning is a gulf fritillary morning. ;-)

  5. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Beautiful, again!!

  6. This past week, we have been on vacation and hubby's aunt and uncle live right on the Richelieu River so it has been nice except for some nasty bugs in the evening:) imlove the butterfly and we want to plant milkweed for the butterflies

  7. I cannot get a picture of a butterfly, they refuse to 'pose' for me. LOL
    I am so proud of me, I rooted 3 butterfly bushes, they have grown like weeds and bloomed, but I have yet to see a butterfly find them!

  8. Oh my. You captured it at just the right moment. Lovely.

  9. Butterflies always make my soul soar.


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