Tuesday, July 18, 2017

On the road again

Today was all about asphalt. Sessions in Northwest Alabama had me on the road early. I stopped by the coffee house and got a mocha for the road. The drive was uneventful. It's not uncommon to see deer or wild turkey on stretches where there are no people in sight. But today it was just me, blue skies, pillow clouds, and the miles that lay ahead.

The last time I had a workshop up there, it rained so hard in places that visibility was not much further than the front bumper. But today I think I could have seen a gnat in the next county if I'd cleaned my glasses.

On the way home, I made sure there was no traffic behind me before snapping a few random pictures of the road ahead.  I'll let the picture describe conditions at that time.


  1. That is a simply glorious vista.

  2. Beautiful, I love that kind of drive. We too had some beautiful 'pillowy' clouds yesterday. I just stood outside and took them in. huge and impressive! Nature in the sky at it's best...
    It is so nice nowadays to hit an area where the traffic is light!

  3. Nice you didn't have to fight the traffic and had the road to yourself. It's a rare thing these days ! Safe travels to you !

  4. The clouds are gorgeous.

  5. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Love the clouds--& the lack of traffic!!

  6. Now that's a nice view.

  7. Beautiful a road to adventure

  8. Your photograph has a surrealistic quality to it, like something momentous is about to happen.


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