Friday, July 28, 2017

World on fire

This summer remind me of the year I spent in the tropics while serving in the Army. It's hot at breakfast and once the sun rises above the trees, it squeezes the mercury toward the roof of the thermometer. Then after lunch, the dogs start acting squirrelly. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to know that thunderstorms are a'comin'.  

Then when the rain moves off to the south, the sun comes back out turning the world into a sauna. 

One day this week, the storms didn't move in until later in the day. As I walked out of yoga class at 8 p.m. the setting sun through storm clouds on the western horizon looked as if the world were on fire. 


  1. Now that is beautiful. Sadly the sky on nights when the country is ablaze is not nearly so pretty.

  2. What an amazing picture. Beautiful.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Red skies at night...a sailors delight ! Looks like today might just be a sunny one in your neighborhood. It is here for sure ! Grateful we are in the upper 70's and low 80's here for a few days. It feels wonderful !

  4. What a beautiful display of colors.

  5. Hang in there, Rick, it'll get better!!

  6. At Life 101 you expect the basics, but at times there is a Graduate shot. Love that FIRE! That is LIFE!

  7. Love the dramatic sky, and glad it wasn't created by fire.

  8. Do you highlight the colors in your pictures. They are so vivid. They are gorgeous with or without help.

    1. When I shoot with my DSLR camera, I can adjust the exposure to capture the picture and the color of the scene. With a phone, this adjustment is not possible. Some of the pictures I shoot with my camera, I use filters to get close to the colors I see with my eyes. that's what happened with this photograph.

  9. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Hang in there, Rick, it'll get better!!


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