Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Welcome to July

Well. It's July in Alabama again. People in Arizona would snicker at me for whining since the temps are only in the 90s. But the humidity was 82%. The thermometer reading plus the level of humidity creates a measure called the heat index. The heat index here today was just shy of Satan's hot tub.

I have it on good authority that the evil horned dude wears shorts and a tank top when he recruits here.

I love my office window, but in the afternoon, I can feel the heat radiating from the glass. The antiquated AC in the building struggles to keep the classrooms cool. Offices with windows are on their own when the temps rise.

Just after lunch, I started hearing rumbling in the distance. Stepping out onto the courtyard to get an analog weather report I could see cloud to cloud lightning pulsing off to the west. I stepped down to the main building to check my mail. On the way back, I stopped to shoot a photo of the clouds over my building.  A sharp crack sent me dashing for cover and with my knees, that wasn't pretty.

The shower lasted about 15 minutes before the clouds moved off and the sun returned. Rain evaporated off the hot cobblestone courtyard in blankets of vapor.

The thing is, July just kicks it off. During August it can get brutal.

The top picture was when I headed across the courtyard to get my mail. The bottom was when I was coming back a few minutes later.


  1. Fry eggs in seconds on the cement weather and then some!

  2. Wowsers.
    Stunning photos, but I am so grateful to be in our winter (such as it is).

  3. July can get hot here too but we never seem as hot as you are. August is usually the worst month for heat. But sometimes it carries over into the September when school begins and many older buildings do not have air conditioning. I really like how the flowers pop out in that first pictures.

  4. It is neat to learn more about your work life and what you see. You have a good way of displaying life.
    The heat? I am smiling. The Grand son is out from UTAH. We are in the 90's and it is tough on them with the humidity. It is amazing the difference the humidity makes. ;-)

  5. PS: I love that sky!

  6. Anonymous10:09 AM

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  7. Anonymous10:10 AM

    The floral tree in the first photo is lovely (& the clouds in the second are frightening)!!

  8. Those are some pretty dramatic cloud formations.

  9. Nope, not snickering. One 4th of July weekend spent on Montgomery's riverside is etched in my conscious ... and that was 12 years ago! One thing for sure, your weather's not predictable!

  10. What a difference a couple of minutes make. The first picture shows a pretty swirl of clouds. The second has angry threatening clouds.

  11. Willy Dunne Wooters once suggested that we put a hot tub on my deck. I said, Sure, we might be able to use it for two minutes during January.


  12. Yesterday it was raining in my front yard and dry in the back.

  13. Very nice pictures Rick, a rain shower like that helps to cool things off but once it stops the added humidity pushes the heat index right back up there.

  14. I hate that humidex!I am not one for the heat. On Canada Day, my best friend, with my brother just walked around a tiny place called Port Dalhousie, aside from my joints being horrible, I don't sweat. Now don't get me wrong, I can feel my back wet plus under the arms etc... but where my brother and my friend were wiping their brow, I never have experienced that. Instead I heat up-my face was beat red and my hands became swollen. It took a while for my body to cool down. I sometimes wonder if I would spontaneously combust! (spelling??) I love your 2 pictures and that dramatic sky!


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