Saturday, July 15, 2017

Something new to read

I started a new book this morning. The author is Verlyn Klinkenborg. I'd just finished his book A Rural Life and it blew me away. He's a columnist for the New York Times and he writes about rural life on his farm.

Each day when I sit down at the keyboard, I try to find fresh ways of describing unexceptional things. It's not easy and I often miss the mark. But sometimes when the word gods smile upon me, I get close.

Often, I try to say too much in my sentences. This sometimes makes the meaning unclear. The book I just started is entitled A Few Short Sentences About Writing "puts the hay down where the goats can get at it" to use a tired old saying.

Jilda recently finished the book and she said it changed her approach to writing. It's too early for me to make that claim. I will give a report once I finish.

I hope this Saturday has been kind to you.


  1. For me, trying to write without a good vocabulary and less knowledge of the English language is a big handicap. Sherry ws the first to tell me I run my sentences too long. I wish that were my only problem lol..
    I always enjoy my visit here and wish I could be as concise.

  2. Now you've got my curiosity peaked. I'll have to take a look at A Rural Life. Thanks for the tip!

  3. 'Puts the hay down where the goats can get at it' is new to me. And very, very expressive. Looking forward to hearing more about 'A few short sentences...

  4. This post seemed to be extra well written!

  5. I look forward to hearing more about this book and its affect on your writing.

  6. I like a book that gives description so I can see with my mind's eyes without over doing it. I want to get to the hay, so to speak right away.

    I hope that you can get something out of this book that will help you be the better writer that you want to be.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Finding a good book that inspires you is like finding pieces of gold. I love to read and always on the outlook for a new book to read. Love the sunflowers you've pictured today ! They are an inspiration in themselves.

  8. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I love your style of writing; it's SO homey!!

  9. Don't change too much. You're a natural.


  10. It is good to keep working at your craft.

  11. I like your writing but I guess it's always good to see different points of view. Beautiful sunflowers! I always say I'll plant some and then forget every year!


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