Thursday, November 30, 2017


I was on the road today. The coaching sessions I'd scheduled were in the Northwest part of the state. The exit number where I turned off the Interstate was mile-marker 14. Had I not turned I would have been in Mississippi in just over ten minutes.

My partner Danny met me at an all you can eat pizza buffet. I love pizza but normally shun buffets. Danny worked as a chef and managed restaurants for years. He knows good food and he has never steered me wrong.

It was a business lunch, but enjoyable none the less. 

The Hamilton campus is about an hour and a half drive from my office, so when we finished up the sessions, I headed home.

That route took me by the Forks of the Black Warrior River. I've shot pictures there before, but this time it was later in the afternoon. The setting sun highlighted a bank of clouds in the distance and fog hung low over the surface of the river. The water is around 50 degrees year around, but when you're wading waist deep trying to catch an elusive rainbow trout, it seems much colder. I know this from past experience.

I stood there for a long moment enjoying the silence. Normally there is a group of locals that meet every evening to tell lies and talk politics.  But today the benches were empty. So I had the place to myself which was a good thing. I believe that a day without spending some time in silent contemplation/meditation is a wasted day.



  1. I really enjoy traveling with you. However I smelled the Pizza, but didn't even get a taste! We gotta remedy that dude!

  2. I've never heard of an all you can eat pizza buffet before. We have buffets but not pizza. I'm sure it would be a great hit though...most of us love pizza, especially when it's good !
    What a wonderful place you found to sit and enjoy the quiet. Beauty is everywhere when we take the time to look . Seems like all the roads leading to your home provide some great views.

  3. Beautiful place Rick, I could stand and stare at this view for quite a while, very nice.

  4. That looks like a great painting. Nice to have the whole place to yourself.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs, Julia

  5. Wonderfully evocative picture.

  6. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Paradise is all around you, my friend--thanks for sharing it with us!!


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