Monday, June 04, 2018

Horse tale

We had some things that needed to go to the post office today, so after lunch when Jilda headed to work, I went.

About a hundred yard from our driveway, I saw someone on a four-wheeler speeding onto the road. I keep a close eye on the kids around here. Slowing down, the road ahead and behind was clear, I saw a young girl waving her arms to get my attention and she needed me to slow down. I did.

After she sped onto the road, I eased in behind her and I saw what was going on. One of her horses had escaped and was running down the middle of the road. She was afraid a car would hit her beloved Sissy.

In a few moments, she had the critters bridle, and she was walking him back to their pasture. I rolled down the window to see if she needed help but she said she had it. She thanked me for catching on to what was going on with her horse. No need, I told her.

I watched her in the in the rearview mirror to make sure she was managing. She was. I should not have been surprised because she's ridden horses for most of her life.

On the way to the post office, I got to thinking that she and her horse would make a good picture. I called her grandad and asked if he thought it would be OK to do a brief interview for the paper. He asked her and she said she'd love to.

I ran by their house on the way home and got a few good pictures and did a short interview. It will probably run one day this week. When it does, I'll post the pics.

But tonight, all I have is a gardenia. This one is among the thousands blooming along our driveway.


  1. I AM SURE the Gardenia is my wife's favorite . She loves the aroma they put off.
    I know it will be a good article, the girl horse story. Love horses!

  2. There is nothing ALL about gardenia. Despite my love of them I have never succeeding in growing them - and have given up buying them to kill.

  3. Anonymous1:23 AM

    Beautiful white flower!
    Waiting to read the girls horse story!

  4. A horse story! A horse story! Hurrah!!

  5. Your driveway sure must smell good.

  6. I'm thinking that it was not by chance at all that girl and her horse came into your life and I'm sure your story will be a good one. The picture of the camellia is just beautiful. I can almost smell it!

  7. A fragrance from heaven...
    Have a great day!

  8. A good horse's tale. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures. Love the gardenias. They always look so healthy.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Now I'm wondering if what's growing in front of our home aren't gardenias? They look much like yours, only on a much smaller scale than that my mother enjoyed in Florida.

  10. It will be a great story for the paper.

  11. Anonymous2:20 PM

    As always, a beautiful photo, & I'm looking forward to your story!!

  12. You had me again! I thought id see a photo of the horse. But instead I see a Gardenia. Haha. I love those blooms. They smell so good. I still would have rather seen the girl and the horse! Lol


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