Saturday, June 09, 2018

No mystery

For a month I've been trying to track down my friend Leo who hangs out at the Sipsey Forks. Each time I stopped by, the guys would say, "You just missed him. Or "He’ll be back after while." For Leo, after while could mean in 20 minutes, or in November.

Today, I took a chance that he'd be there even though it was in the mid-90s here. It was after 4 p.m. when I wheeled into the lot. Leo was there holding court. There were six other guys sitting around telling lies and watching the river flow.

I asked a few questions to get things started but the light was wrong to get a good picture of him and the guys. So I made an appointment to be back Monday at 7 a.m. If the forecast doesn't call for a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or swarms of locusts, he'll be there.

Packing up my camera to head out, I heard one of the guys say, "There's old blue." When I glanced toward the water, I saw a Blue Heron sitting on a log looking for supper. He was about 30 yards away. Clicking the lens cap off my camera, I stepped over to the water's edge. The heron looked at me curiously for a moment, and then went back to fishing. I snapped off several frames before he got bored and flew further up river.  I have an incredible picture of him taking flight, but I want to include it in the story I'm writing about the Sipsey Forks Boys.

It's no mystery why  these guys return to this place every day.


  1. What a stunning shot - and bird. Thank you.

  2. Loving your new camera - you have it set up for terrific shots.

  3. "Sipsey Forks Boys" sounds like a book to me.

  4. A great shot of that blue Sipsey Forks heron. I guess he's one of the boys too, or maybe it's a female. I wouldn't know the difference.

    Looking forward to your story of the Sipsey Forks Boys.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Glad you finally made connections and could get a shot of Old Blue. What a beautiful creature. Beauty like that needs to be shared and I'm thankful you did. Hope your Sunday is a good one !

  6. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I never knew there were BLUE herons!!

  7. One of the best pictures you've posted. The light is perfect.

  8. A bloody great photo, I do so like it

  9. That’s is an excellent photo and the bluelooks vibrant. I guess he is part of the boy’s club


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