Thursday, June 07, 2018

River duck

I've been trying to track down my river buddy Leo. We discussed doing a story about fishing and whatnot back in early spring. He was all for it, but even though he's been retired for 20 years, he's a busy man. He cuts the grass of all the widow-women at his church, and he fishes every chance he gets. He ain't got to time for no stinkin' story, there's fishin' to do. I get it.

I haven't stopped by the Sipsey Forks all week because I've been busy but I had some time today. On the way down there I leaned close to the steering wheel to get a better view of the sky through my windshield. It was in the mid-90s but the clouds were stunning. 

When I got to the Forks, there was not a car on the lot. Apparently, the old guys bailed to spend more time in front of the AC.

I pull up close to the end of the parking lot to take advantage of a narrow strip of shade. Stepping out of the truck, I saw two water bottles someone had thrown on the ground. I knew the regulars would pick them up in the morning, but I decided to grab them and toss them in the back of my truck. I'm recycling plastic now, so I'd put them in my bag.

When I stepped closer to the water, I saw three mallards sitting on the bank watching the river flow. They must have become regulars because they barely gave me a glance.

Stepping back to the truck, I fetched my camera and snapped off a few frames. 

I thought to myself, even though I didn't catch Leo, the stop wasn't wasted.



  1. Imma tell you, I admire one who can read all those rules and follow them. I will always be a point and shoot dude. BUT I have never been under the impression I could take a good picture!

    Good stuff!

  2. I thought that maybe, you'd catch a few fish for dinner but instead, you caught a few duck. At least, Jilda won't have to cook those. Good shot.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. You always seem to make the best use of your time! Great picture!

  4. Did you use your new camera? Nice shot! I usually find the best shots when I don't have my camera with me and for some reason I forget about my camera on my phone! Hope all is well with you and Jilda..have a marvelous weekend!

  5. Dear Rick, thanks for the reminder that out of all experiences good can and does come. And so nothing is wasted. I needed that today. And thanks, also, for the mallard photo. I have a small statue of a mallard that was made in occupied Japan in 1946 and given to me by my aunt Dorothy for christmas that year. At some point while I was growing up, it fell to the floor and broke, but Mom glued it back together. It is one of my favorite objects from my life. Peace.

  6. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Your photos are NEVER a waste!!

  7. Mallards are the prettiest of all the ducks. Nice picture.


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