Sunday, June 03, 2018

Some days are funner

Jilda and I have been looking forward to today for weeks. We'd contacted our songwriting buddy Joe Greg and invited him over to write a song.  

He works at a steel mill, and the company has punched his dance card. He rarely gets a day off, but he took a vacation day today to write with us.

When he arrived, we took a while to catch up before we started on a bluesy song idea Jilda and I had been kicking around. We had the riff, but the lyrics didn't resonate. 

Five minutes in, and I knew we'd nail it. 

The next hour and a half zipped by.  We laughed, so hard I snorted water out my nose. When Joe Greg packed up his guitar and walked out, we'd finished a song. It's entitled Coffee. 

When we get a decent recording of it, I'll post a link. It needs some killer lead from Joe Greg's friend Dave, some harp from our friend Andrew, and the recording magic of our friend Fred.

We have fun most days, but some days are funner. 

Today was one of those days.

Solar jars charging on the deck. Pic was taken with my new camera


  1. Hooray for productive and enjoyable days. And laughter never goes astray.

  2. So far I like the title.

  3. Anonymous12:25 AM

    I had to look up what solar jars are used for. Can't wait to hear your new song!!

  4. Some days are funner for sure and sounds like you had a great one. Love the idea of this solar jars on your deck too.

  5. What a beautiful day filled with music, fun and laughter. I can't wait to have a listen

  6. "Coffee". Ok, that has a kick to it.
    Love hearing about the funner days.

  7. Too bad you can't bottle that fun. I'm looking forward to getting the link if I can listen to your funny"Coffee "song. First thing in the morning sound just right.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. It's great when plans come together, isn't it? And you inspired me to put away the painting thing (which might be done when I'm 90) and get out my camera and start playing with it again. Thanks for reminding me of one of my passions.

  9. A good laugh always feels good

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