Tuesday, June 05, 2018

I voted

Today was election day here in Alabama. I covered a city council meeting this morning, but just after, Jilda and I drove to Birmingham for the visitation of one of our songwriting buddies. 

He was 80 but he lived large. He was a Vietnam vet and a decent human being. It broke my heart to see him go.

On the way home, we swung through our polling place and cast our lot. State elections can be a little sad. Turnout is expected to be around 26 percent. So a very few people decided on the decisionmakers for the state.  It's hard to believe that everyone is not invested in the political process. It's easy to bitch (excuse my French) on Facebook about what's going on locally, but apparently, it's much harder to drive to a local polling place and cast a vote for change. It's a mystery to me.

I would never do it, but by voting today, I feel I have a right to complain on Facebook if I wanted to.


  1. Voting is compulsory here. And I don't think it is entirely a bad thing.

    1. Anonymous5:26 PM

      I think it should be compulsory everywhere!

  2. I think it's the ones who don't vote that do most of the bitching anyway. They will only go vote when it's too late. Voting is a privilege that can't be taken for granted.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Glad you took the opportunity to vote. It is sad that so many don't.

  4. In this country we have the right and privilege to vote to elect the people who manage our government for us. I believe it is also our duty. These people work FOR us; they are our employees paid by our taxes. We must make the right choices or the employees take over and make mistakes that cannot be tolerated. But no one will be watching over them to put a stop to it. VOTE!

  5. Daddy always told me, If I don’t vote, I have not right to complain. I vote everything now. haha. Proud of you Rick.

  6. I don't get people who don't vote

  7. It is a privilege and an honor to vote; I don’t understand the rationale behind “not voting” when we have that precious right.


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