Thursday, June 28, 2018

Maybe next time

Storms swept through this afternoon and blew our power to Georgia. I had a council meeting to cover tonight so when Jilda got home, I had to head out. I left her in the dark with the dogs.

She called a few minutes later to say the power was back on. That made me happy.''

My nephew called a few minutes ago and he was going to have to walk a mile or so to get to his house because of downed trees. It's a mess.

As I was driving home with two orders of spicy fried chicken in my front seat, I looked off to the west and a beautiful sunset was just below a line of menacing clouds. Had a car not been on my bumper, I would have pulled over and snapped a picture. Maybe next time.


  1. Glad that your power was restored and hope the mess is inconvenient rather than dangerous for all.

  2. Peace in the storm!

  3. I hope all is calm and serene today and the bad weather took some of that heat away. I'm glad the power came back on so quickly.
    Have a good day. Hugs, Julia

  4. Thankfully you made it home safely with that spicy chicken. I'm sure it was appreciated and enjoyed. And having the power on in the heat and humidity is a blessing for sure. Sounds like lots of clean up is going to be happening there. Take care !

  5. Well, we discovered yesterday our weather radio works … 6 times!

  6. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I'll settle for this photo!!

  7. Now comes the heat. Hope your air conditioning holds up.


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