Thursday, June 14, 2018

Intoxicating aroma

We knew the sun would be hot today so we shoe'd up earlier than normal. While Jilda put the walking harness on our Yorkie Taz, I flipped to the weather app on my phone to look at the forecast. The temp here was 79 degrees with 80 percent humidity. That's thick enough to lick out of the air.

When I rounded into the driveway on the last leg of the lap, a hedgerow of gardenias greeted us. The flowers look as if they were carved from ivory. It's a beautiful welcoming committee this time of year. I snapped one off and held it to my nose. The fragrance sends me. 

I covered a city council meeting tonight and I didn't get home until just before 8 p.m. When I stepped from my truck and began gathering up my computer, camera, and water bottle, the scent of the blooming gardenias was intoxicating. The fragrance hung on the air like a promise. I wish computers had a scratch n' sniff feature so that you could get a sense of their aroma.

I'm off tomorrow.  We have a gig tomorrow night with our friend Joe Greg Winsett. We're excited. Several friends say they plan to be there. It should be fun.


  1. The gardenia is Sherry's favorite. She had one in Florida. I hope it is hardy and can live without too much care.
    Love the pic! (thanks for the comment on the Shipslog)

  2. Have fun.
    I adore gardenias, but have a brown thumb where they are concerned. Enjoy yours.

  3. wow, a nice, neat and very elegant kitchen.


  4. What a nice big gardenia bush. It must be a great attraction for honey bees. I have some azaleas that are very fragrant and they perfumes the back yard. They all bloom at different time and so the fragrance is prolonged.

    Have a great day and stay cool.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Beautiful photo, just as I expected!!

  6. That kind of humidity would definitely make a fragrance tend to hand in the air. But at least it's a good one to have !

  7. I havent been around any Garenias. I just picked a Magnolia flower from the neighbors tree yesterday as I could smell the lemony aroma walking by it. I placed it in my bathroom and this morning the fragrance was wonderful.

  8. A scratch and sniff feature would be nice. The smell of flowers is always welcome.

  9. It's soooo hot and humid, and it's not even (officially) summer yet.



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