Saturday, June 02, 2018

Yard full of young'uns

We hit the ground running this morning. After swilling a few cups of coffee, we walked the dogs. The weatherman said it would be beautiful today. He was right. He also said it would be hotter than Satan slamming jalapenos poppers. 

The thermometer at 10 a.m. was on 82 with 79 percent humidity.  My teeshirt was like wearing an aqua sweater and I'm not talking about the color.

After the walk, the dogs collapsed in front of the box fan in our bedroom. We grabbed baskets and headed out to pick blueberries. We were on a roll.

While Jilda designed decoration flowers for the graves of our loved ones, I cut grass. By day's end, I'd cut about 8 acres. The place looks like a golf course without out the flags and holes...sort of. 

This evening, Jilda was about to throw on some salmon steaks for supper when we got a call from the misfits in the picture below. My niece Samatha was babysitting for her brother. His four girls were at her house. Her son Jordan was ricocheting off the walls. She wanted to put up a badminton set in our field down by the apple tree. 

It was a change of plans. I helped Sam put up the net and get everything set. We snapped a picture during a Kool Aid break.  We left them to their fun but not before snapping a picture.


  1. Look at those cute faces! You and Jilda are probably so loved by all of them! You do the nicest things for them to enjoy! Our weather has finally cooled back to normal. You made me tired just reading about your day! Have a nice Sunday, P.S. Enjoy your new camera!

  2. I suspect I would have joined the dogs flaked out in front of a fan.
    I am super impressed that you went on and did soooo much more.
    And love that you had family time to end the day.

  3. Adorable baby! She definitely steals the show.

  4. Oh my what wonderful children ! You do have the perfect place for them to enjoy. We are much cooler here and I have to say I do not miss that humidity. It does make me wilt. Hope you have a happy Sunday !

  5. I bet the shouts of YEAH!!!! went up when the word got out, "We are going to Uncle Rick and Aunt Jilda's house! Memories grow, for sure you guys plant a lot of them!

  6. Anonymous12:06 PM

    You two are better than most grandparents!!

  7. The first thing I noticed is that Jordan seems supremely unimpressed with all those lovely females.

  8. I think your place must be a haven for family and friends. There's always some activity going on. You've both been very busy. It's obvious everyone feels welcome at your place and that to take great joy at having them there.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Cute Yunguns!

  10. You both had a very eventful day in the hot sun and i commend you for mowing 8 acres! Your family lloks like they had fun as well

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