Saturday, June 23, 2018

How our morning went

When I opened my eyes this morning, I didn't follow my routine. Typically, when I awake, I get up and shuffle to the kitchen to punch the brew button on the coffeemaker. But this morning I laid there.

The light coming from around the blinds had a different hue. Off in the distance, I could hear thunder. I knew it would be only a matter of time before Caillou came in. In less than 20 seconds he left his bed in front of the living room windows and came into the bedroom. He HATES storms.

I rolled out of bed, walked to the kitchen, and started the coffee before I sat on the couch to comfort my friend. Ol' Hook was on his bed nearby sawing logs. He's deaf, and he was oblivious to the impending storms.

Jilda got up when she heard the coffeemaker beeping, and we sipped our coffee and watched the storm pass. 

We both have unread magazines on the coffee table, so we read. 

About an hour later, the carafe still had enough to top off our mugs, so we decided to retire to the screen porch and get a sense of what the day had in store for us. By then, Ol' Hook realized he was late for duty and came out to join us. 

We're in a weird weather pattern, and another storm was on the heels of the first one. The light changed dramatically within a few moments. When I stepped over to the screen to look into the sky, I could see the streetlight in the corner of our yard had come back on. More thunder.

Soon we could hear the rain drumming on our metal roof. The windchimes began playing a disconcerting melody. We could feel a fine mist blowing through the screen on our faces.

Just as soon as it came up, the clouds raced off menacing folks to the east.

And that was how our morning went.


  1. I love Ol Hook stories. When I see his picture I automatically see Janie, our deaf Bulldog Granddog. We also (occasionally) enjoy that last cup of coffee out under out awning, even here.

    1. Ol’ Hook was on the edge of being in the next life. I took him to the vet to have him put down. But there was something in the way he looked at me. Even though he could not hear the conversation between the vet and me, he sensed that his life hung in the balance.
      There was something in his eyes that that said, I love you whatever you decide.
      I gave the vet my Visa card.

  2. Sounds like a beautiful morning to me. I love thunder storms but prefer them in the afternoons. I would love a nice porch to sit out on in the mornings. I can’t go out on my patio because the neighbors dogs on each side of us start barking non stop. It sucks.

  3. I'm glad you survived the awful weather I have been seeing on the weather reports.

  4. Poor Caillou. We had a German Shepherd who was terrified of thunder. The first clap and she would leap into the nearest lap. Shaking.
    Thank you for being there for your boy.

  5. Ol' Hook has a fan club... And Calliou. Has he come to terms with his shorn-sheep appearance?


  6. Great way to start the day, especially since the storm passed quickly. It's great to just enjoy and relax without rushing.

  7. We rarely have thunderstorms in the morning. Something about the building up of the heat during the day triggers wind and cloud development - if - there's any moisture in the air. Makes me wish we had a screened in porch.....

  8. Oh Rick and Jilda, I'm so sorry about Ol' Hook having to be put down...
    A few days ago, my son also had to have his beloved dog Blue put down. The vet came to his house. Blue also sensed it was time to cross over and my son cried like a baby as she laid on his kitchen floor. She was buried in his back yard next to his blooming lilac tree. His friend, daughter and I were there for moral support and we help smooth the soil on her grave. I felt his pain and I cried too. We all miss Blue.

    Warm Hugs, Julia

    1. i didn't phrase that right Julia, we gave the vet the visa card to fix him. He's healthy as a horse now. Sorry for the confusion.

  9. The weather is nutty...yesterday we had high as we needed it but it was only 20C but muggy..weird. Today, all day rain and cool which I prefer much more so than the heat and humidity. Our dog Wallace seems ok with thunder which is weird since he hates when anyone works on their roof or if firecrackers are lit which I hate.

  10. Sounds like a lovely morning, storms are nice when they are not too bad and we don't have to drive in it


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