Wednesday, June 27, 2018

How my afternoon went

My editor sent me a note yesterday and asked me to contact a local poet that has a new book coming out. When I sent him a note yesterday afternoon, he responded immediately. He said, "You don't remember me do you?" I didn't.

About ten years ago, a young songwriter contacted Jilda and me and asked if we'd consider helping him with a song. A local playwright had asked him to write an original composition for a play he'd written. A local drama club had selected his play and he wanted some original music.

We agreed. It was fun working with the young songwriter and the playwright invited us to opening night. It was a good experience. I was proud of those kids.

Turns out, the playwright is the poet. He's had an impressive career writing plays and books.

I met him this afternoon for a short interview for a story in the paper, but we talked for well over an hour. As I took pictures, a storm moved in from the west. When the interview was over, we both had to squat and dash to our cars because lightning was slamming down all around us.

About 300 yards before I got home, I came upon a truck stopped in the road with flashing lights. The storms had blown a tree across the road.

Pulling out my cell, I called a neighbor. He was there within three minutes with a chainsaw and soon the road was clear.

So that's how my afternoon went. How about yours?


  1. Good neighbour ! Good interview.

  2. I love old acquaintance meetings but not trees across the road. But it is nice to know friends and neighbors who will, and also know HOW to HELP!

  3. You had a MUCH more dramatic afternoon than I did. Wonderful meeting - and glad that your neighbour is so helpful.

  4. No storms, lightning, fallen trees or poets in my afternoon. Just a foggy, chill winter day and a trip to the QVMkt.

  5. What a cool story Rick! I like how you can just call a neighbor and clear a fallen tree just like that. My afternoon was rainy. I love afternoon rain storms. The lightning, not so much.

  6. You had quite an interesting afternoon I would say. I think you had a great day with meeting the poet and reconnecting, and being a great resource to the man who needed to have the tree removed from his path. I'm glad you didn't get hit by lightning.
    A good story.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Not near as exciting as yours. Isn't it fun to find out that someone you met earlier in life has been able to pursue what they love doing. That is a well prepared neighbor.

  8. Sounds like your afternoon was well spent and a little exciting too. It was a very quiet one for me. We had the rain, but no lightning.

  9. It is fun to re-unite with someone from the past. It was lucky to be able to clear the road before someone was hurt.k


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