Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

I hadn't used the table on the screen porch for a writing desk since we sealed it up for winter. The porch, not the table.

When we put the plastic sheeting up last week, we left a few of the smaller wind chimes hanging between the plastic and the screen.

Pausing to collect my thoughts this morning, I looked up. The chimes threw off interesting shadows from the muted light cast by the morning skies.

The pink mandevilla plant still looks quite happy with the new environment. When the temps drop, I'll fire up the small heater to make it feel plant-comfy.

We had two Trick or Treaters tonight. Our great nephews Jordan and Anthony. They come every year but rarely do others venture out this far into the sticks. They must be afraid of witches and goblins.

Happy Halloween.


  1. Only 6 kids, and we live in a townhouse development.

  2. Happy Halloween. Despite the efforts of the stores and the media to get us on board we had no visitors.

  3. Sounded like you had a peaceful Halloween. We kept the porch light off and ventured out to Walmart. That was scary enough. haha

  4. I'm glad you had a few tricksters visit and had a peaceful Halloween. I saw on the news this morning that many in the south suffered some bad storms. We have rain but no threatening weather.

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Neither Bud nor I are mobile enough to go to the door for trick or treaters so we left the walk & porch lights off. Nobody came, but I missed the kids!

  6. I keep hearing reports that there were hardly any kids trick or treating, and yet candy sales were in the billions (with a b!). So, who's eating all of this candy? I wonder.....

  7. My daughter lives in the suburbs and used to get about 125 kid trick or treaters but this year she only had 71 but her friend who lives in another province got 200.
    At our neighbourhood all the kids are grown and moved away so we no longer get little trick or treaters. I miss them too. Some schools have Halloween parties for the little ones to keep them off the street.
    Hugs, Julia


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