Friday, February 15, 2019


Jilda was scheduled to do a yoga instructor certification class today. I'd planned on fishing, but it was deceptively cold with rain in the forecast. Call me a wimp, but I postponed my time on the water.

There is always work when you freelance. Today seemed like a good day to catch up on the things had been stewing on the back burner.

At lunch, I had a few errands to run, so I grabbed my camera and headed out.

When I passed by the pond that's not far from where I live, these two old ducks were sitting on a guardrail passing the time of day. I think they are called Muscovy Ducks.

There were no cars behind me, so I clunked the gearshift into reverse and backed up for a few pictures.

The ducks looked as if to say, "Don't be rude dude, can't you see we're talking here?"

I snapped a photo and left them to their gossip.


  1. Not like any ducks in these parts. They look like vultures on a duck body.

  2. Sitting on that metal looks cold.

  3. What kind of ducks are they? They look identical and must be of the same sex.
    Take care, Hugs, Julia

  4. Yeah, I woulda skipped the water too! I like the color and the shot. That species of duck always catches me off guard too. They waddle around here at the state parks too.

  5. A very different type of duck to the ones I see.

  6. I think they are Muscovy ducks.

  7. Love these ducks! They are beautiful. Glad you stopped to take a pic of these ducks

  8. Lovely picture! It's always nice when the wildlife cooperates..haha.

  9. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Love those ducks!! I wonder if we're related?

  10. very good :) my site follow please

  11. I like the look of those ducks


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