Saturday, February 23, 2019

Weather watching

This afternoon after we returned home from the produce stand. We heard a siren. Not a police or ambulance, but the unmistakable wail of a tornado warning. 

We hurried inside and flipped on the TV to get the scoop. The storm was 25 miles away at the northwestern edge of the county. Fortunately, it was just a signature on radar, but I'm guessing it was torrential rain and howling wind.

After that, the sun came out and heated up the atmosphere. Not good.

This evening we got another notification of warnings in West Alabama. It sounds like a tornado hit around Columbus, Mississippi. I'm not sure how bad it was.

As the storm moved eastward, it seemed to be losing some of its punch. We'll know within the hour if straight-line winds will  be a factor or not. 

I did step outside before dark and snap a photo of the jasmine blooming on our arbor.


  1. The Jasmine is beautiful and gets your attention. BUT BUT Tornadoes REALLY get your attention!!
    Hope you guys stay safe!!

  2. I hope you are all safe tonight. I sound a bit scary when the siren goes off like that. I hope that your evening is spared of misfortune.
    Stay safe. Hugs, Julia.

  3. The Jasmine is such a pretty reminder that Spring is just around the courner. I hope it dries up around here some today. Im afraid the trees will start uprooting with all this rain we have had.

  4. Those warnings scare the heck out of you! I hope all passes without any damage or real threat to you guys. We're getting super crazy winds and the temps have hit bottom again. Weird weather but you sure have beautiful blooms and I'm assuming lovely fragrance to go with them! Stay safe!

  5. I don't live in an area that has such warnings, I think it would be scary to hear them


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