Friday, February 01, 2019

Turn around

The handle on our oven broke this morning. To some people, this wouldn't be a big deal. I'd rather have a broken steering wheel on my truck than a broken handle on the oven.

A broken handle means no baked sweet potatoes. No baked squash. No cornbread or biscuits. It was a tragic turn of events.

Seeing the handle dangling, I swung into action and headed to the hardware store which is 20 miles away.

While wandering through the aisles looking for screws, JB Weld, and other fixer-upper stuff, my phone vibrated in my pocket.

Jilda said that since she couldn't cook, I should stop and get Chinese food for supper tonight. So, that's what I did.

It was almost dark when I left the restaurant with our bag of food. As I got into my truck, I looked into the rearview mirror and the horizon to the west was the color or orange sherbet.

Heading home, I glanced at a pond I pass daily. It's always beautiful, but this evening, the silhouettes of trees against a sunset sky with a pond in the foreground almost made me ditch my truck.

I was hungry and almost blew the photo op off, but after a few hundred yards there was a wide place in the road. I did a U-turn and headed back.

I stopped in the middle of the road and shot several pictures. The one below is the one that resonated.


  1. It was worth the trouble.

  2. Today's sunset photo would make a great (and difficult) jigsaw puzzle. Any part of a stove that breaks - cook top or oven - is never a welcome event...

  3. Love that sky, and its reflections. I do hope your oven repairs were successful.

  4. Wow Rick, so glad you stopped, went back and took several photos - love the one you shared. Stunning.

  5. Anonymous2:15 PM

    You know I'm a big fan of your photos & this one--WOW!!

  6. What a great catch, Love the set up.
    Also hope you get the handle fixed so you can have some cornbread!
    Sherry & jack over in Florida

  7. Such an awesome photo a broken oven handle would annoy me as I use mine most days

  8. Another spectacular photo. I hope that your oven handle got fixed or you may have to run to the restaurant often.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Today was a chore day. High on the list was fixings the oven door.
    Jilda baked fish tonight. I’m no fool.

  10. Things breaking is never fun. The picture, though, is stunning and reminds me of Africa


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