Friday, February 08, 2019

Jordan made it better

Yesterday the temps hit 80 degrees. After the front moved through last night, the temps dropped like a stone. I think it was in the 20s when we got up this morning. Jordan's grandpa was having issues and had to go to the hospital this morning so Jordan stayed with us.

We were drinking coffee when we heard a knock at the front door. It was Jordan and his mom.

He had the flu earlier in the week and doctors told him not to return to school until Monday. He was over the flu by Wednesday. Today was our day with him.

He was delightful. When the sun came out this afternoon, he wanted to go outside. We bundled him up and I went out in the back yard with him. He's into demolition. There was a hammer on the back porch from some work I did yesterday afternoon. He allocated the hammer for the work at hand.

He beat the top of the old stump in the back yard to a pulp. There is also a dead apple tree over by the fence. He made that tree say, uncle.

After a while, the sun began to drop and the temps followed. I asked if he would like some hot chocolate. He smiled and said, "That would be good."

I made us both a cup and put extra marshmallows in his. He gave me the scoop on all his games while we sipped our hot chocolate. I shook my head as if I understood what he was saying. He might as well have been speaking in Sanskrit.

It was a stressful day but Jordan made it better.


  1. As you and Jilda did for him.

  2. I love how he keep his hammer at the ready. A good day with a good kid. I hope you are feeling rested. Don't over do it.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. The dude is growing! But welcome to my world my friend: He might as well have been speaking in Sanskrit. LOL My world all day most days.
    I say it often to my Sherry, 'That Jordan will idolize Rick and Jilda as years roll on. When he is old he will tell about visits to Uncle Rick's house!

  4. Children around the house makes it a brighter place to be.

  5. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Being with someone you love ALWAYS makes things better!!

  6. Keep your bubble wrap -- that hammer sounds like a super stress reliever! I really enjoyed 'seeing' Jordan again.

  7. I know he is a very bright kid, but he is a kid and every once in a while a kid just has to beat the crap out of stuff.

  8. Yeah I am often nodding as if I understand what Blain or Leo are talking about when they tell me about this game or that game that I know nothing about


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