Tuesday, February 12, 2019


I had an interview this morning with a woman who was 94 years old. Her name was Lola, and she called me because she has some news clippings she thought I'd enjoy reading.

We chatted for a long while. Lola was born less from a mile from where I now live but moved away in her teens. There was a picture of her father in his Army uniform. He served in WWI.  There was another picture of her husband. He was drafted early in WWII and was supposed to be gone for a year. He asked her to wait. She waited five years before they were reunited and married.

After shooting some pictures, I said my goodbyes and headed out to my truck. It was raining. Hard. From beneath my truck, I heard a pitiful squeaking sound. When I kneeled down to look, there were three little black puppies under there.

Stepping back to the door I told the woman that her pups must have gotten out. She said they weren't hers. Someone had dropped them in her yard. They were throwaways.

I shooed them from beneath my truck, and they ran up next to her house under a shrub. I snapped a few pictures. 

Getting back into the truck, I slipped the gearshift into reverse and kept my eyes on the pubs as I back out slowly. 

There is a rescue organization that helped me with my neighbor's dog, Lucy. I wrote her story back in the summer. I donate money to that organization.  

I texted a picture to the woman I know there and gave her a call. She said that puppies were easy to place. "I will handle it," she said. Soon they will be in a forever home where they won't have to worry about having to sleep in the rain.


  1. Thank you. Throwaway animals simultaneously make my heart and head hurt and fill me with rage.

  2. So cute. Almost seems heartless to just call them throwaway dogs, but that generation went through so much, sometimes they just have a different acceptance on life and death.

  3. Actually imma thinking 94 ain't too far off, and if someone would drop the pups off at my house they would have a home, maybe not a forever home, but a home. I love that little guy looking up. The thought and conversation happens here about how long can we continue to travel? The # of years keep shrinking. Maybe soon I will have a dog. LOL

  4. What precuious little puppies. Throwaways make the best pets in the long run.

  5. This break my heart to see that these puppies were just abandoned in this lady's yard. I'm glad you found them and had the matter looked after. It would make a great column subject.

    If they don't want more dogs, the owner should have their pet neutered. If they can't afford to have their pet neutered, then they should not have pets in the first place. I know I'm judgemental on this issue but it infuriate me to see the mistreatment of animals.

    Thanks for doing the responsible thing.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. I don't think it was any coincidence you happened to visit when you did. God bless all the Lucy's in this world who look out for the foundlings.

  7. Such a precious cutie. Hopefully they will all have new families soon.

  8. That little guy reminds me of my kids first dog..Ferris. We loved that little guy and I know the pups you found will make someone a wonderful pet. I wish folks would just take them to a shelter. Puppies are easier to place than old dogs. Probably that's why we've opted for old dogs in our old age!

  9. All too often, in the country people drop off animals because they don’t want to deal with them. I’m glad you called the rescue place. This lady sounds very interesting and love to hear more about her


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